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Mich Wildflowers is run by husband and wife team, Charles and Diane Peirce, who share a passion for finding wildflowers in places of natural beauty all over the states.

Diane Peirce

Diane Peirce

Hi, I am Diane Peirce, and I am one of the co-creators of

My husband, Charles and I are from Michigan (hence the name) and love searching for wildflowers when out on hikes, or when we go camping.

We just love being outdoors, and at one with nature.

There is nothing I love more than a fresh bunch of flowers adorning my kitchen counter.

But, it feels extra special when the flowers are handpicked by my husband from some of the most beautiful wildflowers nature has to offer.

I, myself, am a retired teacher, but my passion for educating others has not left me.

I love sharing my experiences with individuals in this community, and I enjoy sharing some of the best tips I have learned over the years caring for my own garden at home.

In my articles, you will find the best flowers, most fragrant flowers you can plant in your garden, how to care for your favorite plants, informative guides and how-tos so you can have the best backyard in town! 

Charles Pierce

Charles Peirce

Hi, my name is Charles Peirce, and I am a retired geology professor. My wife, Diane and I met many moons ago at a teaching conference, and we’ve been together ever since- for nearly 30 years now!

After our two boys went off to college and to start their own lives and careers, our golden years began. Diane and I felt an urge to do something for ourselves, and something that could ignite our passion and love for nature.

We love traveling all over the country, searching for the best locations to spot wildflowers. My wife and I have been to so many places, and have put ourselves to work on our vacations to create guides of the best wildflowers to spot in Yosemite, Glacier National park, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, and anywhere you can think of.

On our site, I am responsible for compiling these types of guides. While my wife is the green thumb, I’m the one to go to for finding out how to spot wildflowers around the globe! I even have some guides for you of the rarest flowers you can find, and the national flowers of various countries.

The history and secrets behind these flowers are so interesting, and you’re sure to have your interest piqued in our guides.

Join us in our little community, and become a wildflower enthusiast like us.


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