8 Beautiful Types Of Rare Flowers You May Not Have Seen

While we humans definitely have a knack for making gorgeous things to fill our earth, they still don’t hold a candle to the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Our planet grants us many blessings, from rich landscapes to bountiful wildlife, there is magnificence all around us. 

8 Beautiful Types Of Rare Flowers You May Not Have Seen

And flowers are arguably one of the most stunning options of them all. From wildflowers growing in grassy meadows to ornamented bouquets that are painstakingly matriculated, they always grab our attention and take our breath away. 

But some of the flowers that grow across the globe are much rarer than others. Most of us have all seen a daisy, or a rose, or a sunflower at some point or another.

But what about those flowers that many of us go our whole lives without laying our eyes on them? 

Well, they are far too beautiful not to be seen. So, in this article, we’ll showcase some of the best rare flowers to ever exist! Looking forward to being introduced to some of the most unique flowers on the planet? Let’s get straight to it then. 

1. Middlemist Camellia Red Flower 

Now, this stunning flower may look just like a rose to the untrained eye, but it is actually much rarer than that. In fact, it’s considered one of the rarest flowers across the entire globe! 

If you want to set your eyes upon this delightful flower, then there’s no point trailing far and wide into the wild, since the evergreen perennial shrub is sadly now extinct in the wild.

However, it can still be found in two areas of the globe; the United Kingdom and New Zealand.  

You’ll be able to identify the flower by its striking and alluring color, which funnily enough isn’t even red as the name suggests. It’s actually closer to a pink color.

As I mentioned above, it has a rose-like resemblance too. The flower has several delicate petals and the plant itself can grow to be a whopping 6 feet tall. 

It’s not just a pretty face either, this flower has been linked to several medicinal benefits. Not only is it bursting with antioxidants but it is said to have miraculous age-delaying properties too. I’ll take 100 of them then, please! 

2. Youtan Puolo (Undambara Flower)

A flower that is said to bloom only once every 3000 years. Yep, that sounds pretty rare to me.

Unless you have access to some secret time machine (in which case, please share) it is unlikely that you’ll have ever had the chance to lay eyes on this incredibly delicate and fragile plant. 

Youtan Puolo is a flower that is sometimes debated as to whether it is rare considering that it can grow pretty much anywhere across the globe, and it seems to do so from absolutely nothing.

And just so you understand that I really mean anywhere consider this – they’ve grown on cars without solid, water, or seeds. They’re basically magical flowers. 

These parasitic perennial plants are also very closely related to the Buddhism religion and are believed to be a flower that is sent to Earth from the heavens above. 

3. Parrot’s Beak

Why is this flower rare? There are plenty of reasons to take your pick from! It has a very unique and distinctive appearance, it’s sadly now extinct in the wild, it grows in very limited habitats, and it is one of the hardest flowers out there to bloom. 

If you do ever get the chance to observe this stunning evergreen prostrate shrub, you should consider yourself very lucky, indeed.

As you may have gathered from its name, this flower has a striking resemblance to that of a parrot’s beak both in its shape and its striking colors.

But despite what I’ve already mentioned, it is possible to try and grow this flower in your backyard. However, you’ll need plenty of toasty temperatures, sunlight galore, and tons of water.

You can also invest in a greenhouse to try and grow it in colder climates, but keep in mind that getting this beauty to bloom is no easy task. 

4. Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid 

This stunning perennial evergreen flower originates from Borneo, Malaysia, and Kinabalu National Park and it is so rare that it is currently protected by the government.

It is illegal to pick this flower when you come across it, so if you do get the privilege be sure to keep your hands off. 

A single stem of this stunning flower will also run up an incredibly large bill of $5000 on the black market.

And this is quite the issue for the Slipper Orchid, as its unique and distinctive appearance makes it a prime target for poachers which has led to the plant officially being declared endangered.  

Another factor that results in the plant being so very rare is its blooming period. You can expect to wait upwards of fifteen years to see this stunning flower in full bloom.

It is definitely worth the wait, though, when you see the outstanding appearance of this exotic flower. 

5. Chocolate Cosmos 

Okay, so there are two main reasons why these flowers are so rare. The first is that they are completely extinct in the wild now. So you can only have the privilege of seeing these flowers if you take the effort to grow them yourself.

One of the reasons for these flowers becoming extinct in the wild is that the plant can’t actually grow from seeds in the same manner as most other flowers can. 

Then secondly, they have a very distinct scent to them. You can expect pretty much any flower to have a fragrant floral scent, right? Well, not these ones. As the name suggests, they have an overwhelmingly rich chocolatey fragrance to them.

If you want to grow these herbaceous perennials, you’ll need to ensure that they grow in nutrient-rich soil, have access to plenty of sunlight, and are given a moderate amount of water. 

6. Jade Vine

There was once a time when the forests of the Philippines and Maui were abundant with this stunning blue-colored leguminous perennial liana. Sadly, though, we humans are responsible for its demise.

Due to the vast amount of deforestation in these areas, the vivid and stunning plant is now endangered. 

The flower itself is easily identifiable by its striking blue and greenish hue which is not common for most flowers or plants. It can also grow to be upwards of 18 feet tall!

They also form this really pretty necklace-like structure that features the most stunning claw-shaped flowers. 

You’ll also understand the wonder behind this stunning flower if you ever get to see it in the darkness. At night, the flower has an almost luminescent effect.

This attracts many bats which are the flower’s main pollinators, however, due to its difficult propagation properties, it has not been enough to save it from decreasing in population. 

7. Monkey Orchid 

This peculiar plant actually has a capuchin monkey’s face staring back at you. Not a real one, obviously, but the resemblance is absolutely remarkable.

This in itself is enough to make the flower pretty rare, but it’s more than just a pretty (and somewhat cheeky) face. 

It’s also known for its amazing fragrance too. They have this super strong citrus scent to them that is like being hit in the face by 1000 oranges at once. Which is much more appealing than it might sound. 

The flower is also pretty unpredictable since it can bloom at pretty much any time. It blooms regardless of time and season. 

8. Happy Alien

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I must inform you that this super cute and kind of funky flower is sadly decreasing in population due to loss of habitat and climate changes.

However, the silver lining here is that as of so far, it is only registered as vulnerable in terms of its conservation status – so perhaps there is yet still time to save this happy little alien. 

As you’ve probably gathered, this flower gets its name due to its incredibly rare, unique, and downright adorable appearance.

It has a striking resemblance to a little extraterrestrial being with a smiling face. I wouldn’t mind an alien invasion if they all looked as cute as this guy, am I right? 

It is also sometimes referred to as Darwin’s Slipping Flower too since it was first discovered by none other than Charles Darwin himself all the way back in 1831. So not only is it rare but it has quite the historic backstory too. 

If you were hoping to grow this friendly flower in your backyard, I do have some bad news for you. It is impossible to grow this perennial at home because it typically grows on rocks and is used to a hot and humid climate. 

Final Thoughts 

As you have learned from this article, there are all kinds of amazing and stunning plants that most of us have never had the opportunity to lay eyes on. And sadly, the likelihood of doing so is ever decreasing due to the flowers often nearing extinction. 

However, many of these plants can still be found if you look hard enough or attempt to grow them from home! 

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