12 Amazing Flowers That Grow In Florida Year Round You Need In Your Life Right Now

Florida has a unique climate that can make it difficult to find the right flowers to add to our gardens. The high levels of humidity and heat in the state make it difficult to choose the best flowers and care for them successfully.

12 Amazing Flowers That Grow In Florida Year Round You Need In Your Life Right Now

However, on the flip side, Florida’s often frost-free climate also makes it possible for some species of flower to bloom year-round.

Therefore, choosing the right flowers can provide you with a vibrant, fragrant, and beautiful garden throughout the year, keeping your miniature landscape looking great.

Today, we want to help you find the best flowers to add to your garden by showing you the most amazing flowers that grow and bloom in Florida year-round. We’ve listed 12 of the best in this post.

If you want to bring vibrance to your garden, make sure you keep reading!

1. Blanket Flower

We’ll kick things off with the blanket flower. The blanket flower is a Florida native that first blossoms in early summer. They then continue to bloom until frost, which very rarely comes in Florida.

This is a blanket flower that grows in mounds of flowers and foliage. As a result, it makes an excellent ground cover. This species of flower blooms in a variety of different colors with red, yellow, and orange being the most common.

Some flowers can even be multicolored. This flower needs full sun, nutrient-poor soil, and good drainage to grow. 

2. Lantana

If you want to bring a truly stunning flower to your garden, look no further than the lantana. Lantana is a gorgeous flower that grows in a variety of different colors. Pink, yellow, and white are arguably the most beautiful.

This flower can be planted as a perennial or annual plant. Its flowers bloom in small clusters that have delicate petals.

Each bloom features a unique colored center that attracts bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies to your garden. Relatively easy to care for, this flower thrives off regular watering and fertilizer.

3. Aster

Next up, we have asters. Known scientifically as Symphyotrichum spp, asters are perennial plants native to the United States, Eurasia, and Northwest Africa.

The plant on which the aster flower grows can reach up to 8 feet tall, making it the perfect garden centerpiece.

Growing best in full sun and partial shade, asters bloom an almost daisy-like flower that can have up to 20 small and delicate petals. The petals surround a vibrant center eye. 

Aster flowers can bloom white, pink, purple, and blue flowers all year round.

4. Blue Daze

A great flower to add to your garden if you want to carpet a flower bed is the blue daze. The blue daze plant produces a carpet of small oval-shaped leaves and charming bright blue flowers.

Part of the morning glory family, the blue daze flower tends to shut at night and reopen when the sun comes back out. This flower loves heat so you don’t have to worry about it wilting in the intense Florida heat. 

If there’s no frost, blue daze will also survive through fall and winter. Having said that, blue daze is sensitive to cold weather. 

5. Buttercup

One of the most vibrant and cheery flowers you can add to your garden is the buttercup. Only small in size, buttercups make up for their size with color. They feature bright yellow, almost dazzling blooms that have four or five delicate and waxy petals.

Despite their adorable appearance, buttercups are actually poisonous to animals and humans. Therefore, they might not be the best choice if you have pets. However, if you don’t, they are super easy to grow.

Buttercups look best when they carpet a flower bed. They will grow best when watered regularly and left in full sunlight.

6. Begonia

The next flower on our list is the begonia. Native to Central America and Mexico, this flower is a perennial plant in Florida. In colder climates, it becomes an annual plant. 

Reaching heights of 1 to 1.5 feet tall, begonias aren’t that tall but their bright colors certainly make an impact. Available in a range of different bright colors, this flower usually blooms between summer and fall.

However, it is extremely hardy, giving it the power to last all year round. The only time a begonia plant might struggle is during frosty weather. The begonia plant produces showy flowers that can be pink, yellow, orange, and red in color.

7. Hibiscus

There are actually more than 300 different species of hibiscus flower found around the world, most of which vary in color. However, one thing that stays the same is their impressive flowers. 

The hibiscus plant blooms large, showy flowers that thrive in tropical conditions. They love the humidity and heat in Florida. Varieties such as the hibiscus rosa-sinensis will bloom all year round all over the state. 

The large flowers will wilt and fall off after a couple of days but the plant will bloom again and again. This plant needs full sun, moist, well-drained soil, and daily watering.

8. Mexican Heather

The next year-round Florida flower on our list is the Mexican heather. Mexican heather is a small shrub-like plant that grows quickly and produces dainty purple-pink flowers. These flowers are only small and delicate but their vibrance lights up any garden.

Each shrub will bloom multiple flowers to create a wave of color. This is a great option if you’re looking for a border plant because it constantly blooms throughout the year. Mexican heather thrives best in zones 8-10 and it can reach up to 2 feet tall. 

9. Bulbine

If you want to bring a more unique flower to your Florida flower bed, consider adding a bulbine plant. With origins in Yemen, Africa, and Australia, this isn’t a plant you’ll find in abundance across Florida. 

This makes it a great option if you want to turn heads and make your garden stand out. A type of succulent, this plant does well in full sun and with a lot of moisture.

There are multiple varieties of this plant but the most common features cone-shaped buds that bloom to reveal vibrant six-petaled flowers.

Bulbine flowers can be yellow, orange, and reddish brown in color.

10. Firespike

The firespike plant has a distinctive crimson or red spiky bloom that makes it look like something from another planet. Like bulbine, it is a fantastic option if you want to bring something new and unique to your garden.

Firespike flowers are tall and spiky. They feature multiple filaments that branch off from a central spire. They might look delicate in appearance, but they are actually very tough and long-lasting. 

The plant’s vibrant red and crimson flowers are accompanied by dark green leaves. The most common time of year for a firespike bloom is between fall and summer.

11. Knock Out Roses

The knock out rose is perfect for anyone that seeks a plant that’s easy to look after. If you’ve always wanted to grow roses but don’t like tricky plants, the knock out rose is ideal. All this flower needs to thrive is full sun, well-drained soil, and weekly watering.

To top things off, knock out roses bloom throughout the year. You can find the knock out rose in a variety of different colors. This includes red, pink, and yellow.

Another reason this flower is so easy to care for is that they don’t need to be pruned, they are drought tolerant, and they are self-cleaning.

12. Bougainvillea

The final flower on this list is the bougainvillea. Bougainvillea will bring an explosion of color to your garden. We’d probably say that this is the most impressive flower on our list.

Dazzling pink in color, this gorgeous flower will climb up a fence or the side of your home, leaving your neighbors in awe.

Blooming all year long, this gorgeous flower requires at least 6 hours of full sunlight to maintain its beautiful bloom and flower clusters. Bougainvillea also thrives better in planting zones 9 to 11 so bear that in mind. 

The only time this plant will stop blooming is in the winter when the weather gets too cold and frosty.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from our list of flowers, there is a wide range of vibrant flowers you can grow in Florida all year round. Thanks to the state’s humid and hot climate, and lack of frost, flowers bloom in Florida all year round.

This gives you the chance to bring color to your garden no matter the time of year. On our list, we’ve included flowers that suit everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you want to cover a flower bed, grow a centerpiece, or simply bring some vibrance to your garden, there’s a flower on our list you’ll love.

All you have to do now is decide what flowers you want to add to your garden.                

Diane Peirce

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