9 Beautiful Types Of Bulb Flowers You May Not Have Seen

One of the best things about flowers is that they can take on a massive array of unique and fabulous shapes, which makes them incredibly exciting to look at.

9 Beautiful Types Of Bulb Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Some have a more iconic star-like shape, while others might have more rounded shapes.  Even the basic texture of flower petals can vastly alter the way a flower looks and feels! 

However, you have found your way here because you are hoping to find some interesting flowers that take on an interesting bulb shape, which can be very pleasing to the eye.

Well, don’t worry, because we haven’t just compiled a list of bulb flowers you’ve likely already seen. Today we are going to be taking you through some highly unique bulb flowers! 

Prepare to have your mind blown, because some of these flowers are truly amazing, and will have you wondering whether you can grow them yourself! 

1. Drimiopsis Maculata

As if the bright green color of these flowers was not enough, they also boast an incredible pattern made up of black spots that almost look like splattered ink. 

The leaves of this flower have a fabulous spoon-like curved shape that looks all the more fabulous thanks to their slightly crinkled look towards the outer edges.

At the very center of these bulb-shaped leaves are some beautiful tiny flowers that blossom with a whitish-green color. 

One of our favorite things about these flowers is that they are incredibly easy to grow. You can grow a massive number of them in a small area.

The flowers themselves are very hardy, which makes them able to easily survive high temperatures and different kinds of soil. 

2. Pretty Face

These flowers start off as very narrow spear-shaped bulbs that eventually blossom into incredibly beautiful flowers that immediately catch the eye.

The bright yellow color is immediately reminiscent of springtime color schemes, which makes these a great flower to grow if you want to celebrate some warmer weather, or even create some spring bouquets! 

At the very center of each of the sharp yellow petals is a long and narrow green vein that leads towards the center of the flower itself and some large stamens that help to give the flowers a little bit of extra shape. 

3. Camas

These flowers are most often found growing in the Western United States, but they are very hardy and versatile flowers that are able to easily adapt to all kinds of soil, so you can easily grow them yourself in your own backyard. 

The flowers themselves start off as small bulbs which grow out from a central and very thin stalk, before, in the late Spring, blooming into their full shape, as each of the skinny petals reaches out, creating a star formation made up of lavender blue colors that is so soothing.

These flowers look amazing when grown in the garden, and they can also easily be grown in their own pot within your home, to help create a relaxing vibe in an indoor space.

4. Dutch Iris

We just cannot get enough of the look of these flowers. They boast an incredible electric blue color that is directly contrasted by a flash of yellow color at the very center of the petals, which flows down to the very center of its bulb-like shape.

When the bulbs of these flowers do eventually blossom, much of the blooming occurs towards the very tip of the flowers, as the petals curve outwards, revealing the beautiful inner center. 

These tend to bloom towards late Spring, and they look simply resplendent when they are allowed to bloom alongside some other flowers of a similar color.

We could go on for hours about how beautiful these flowers are, and how much we love their color contrasts, but we strongly recommend seeing them for yourself to fully understand why we love them so much! 

5. Nodding Onion 

The nodding onion is a highly unique bulb flower because it is actually made up of a cluster of numerous smaller blossoming flowers that have their own beautiful shapes. 

These flowers produce heavy bulbs that cause the top of the stalks to bend slightly at the tip, and then when the multiple bulbs from the stalks blossom outward, it creates an explosion of a flower that almost looks like a tiny firework.

These fabulous blossoms can come in an array of purple shades and even white, which can help to make them very relaxing to look at, thanks to sharing similarities in color to lavender

The small flowers themselves are incredibly beautiful, and have a great look to them. The petals point outward leading into the center where small formations of fragile stamen can be found. 

These are great flowers to grow in your backyard if you want to create a flower bed that is visually arresting because they propagate very easily, so you can depend on them to arrive every summer! 

6. Formosa Lily

If you want bulb flowers that grow to be incredibly large and eye-catching, then formosa lilies are a perfect option. 

These flowers start off as very large bulbs that, upon the arrival of the summer, blossom outwards, as the large petals curl out from the center, revealing the black stamens that can be found at the center. 

These flowers are actually total dynamite for bees, because of the conical shape of the center of the flower, which houses plenty of pollen for bees and even hummingbirds to soak up.

This makes them not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly flowers to grow in your backyard. 

These flowers are actually native to Taiwan, which can make them a really great visual delight to add to a flower arrangement or a flower bed! 

7. Firecracker Flower

When you see the red color of the bulbs of this flower, you’ll very quickly understand why they are known as firecracker flowers. 

The bulbs themselves have a rich red color that is tipped by a small section of green color, which helps to make the flowers look simply incredible before they’ve even begun to blossom. 

The bulbs themselves are quite heavy, so they naturally dangle from their stalks, and when they eventually blossom, they almost look like fireworks of color, spreading light all around them! 

If you are planning to grow these hardy flowers now that you’ve been amazed by their appearance, then you will want to make sure to give them plenty of fresh water as they grow, and once they bloom, be sure to keep their soil rather dry!

Maintaining firecracker flowers can take quite a bit of extra work, but if you are able to remain patient, the resulting flowers are simply incredible!

8. Ithuriels’ Spear

These flowers have an almost ethereal and fantastical look thanks to their unique combinations of white and purple colors that delight the visual senses! 

These flowers are able to have such a unique look thanks to the thick veins that run directly up the length of each of the petals.

The petals themselves can range from a very light blue to a very pure white color, and the deep blue or purple veins at the center dissipate slightly to both sides, creating this blended look that is so delightful! 

The petals of this plant actually first emerge during the winter, which helps to make the icy blue color of them all the more appropriate and magical. 

The stalks are very thin and wiry, which helps to make the flower look even more delicate and ethereal. We could go on about every detail of this flower, as it’s simply that beautiful! 

9. Sicilian Honey Garlic

The bulbs of the Sicilian Honey Garlic flower prove to be so heavy on the stalks that the entire flower takes on a beautiful parasol shape that looks incredible as a central focal point when grown in a flower pot. 

The petals of the bulbs are a fantastic combination of cream, gray, green, and rose colors that combine together in ways we never previously thought possible.

The petals only blossom outward a little bit, creating the look of smaller parasols hanging from the central parasol shape. 

All in all, Sicilian honey garlic is easily one of the most unique flowers on this list, and it can be a great addition for an existing flower bed, or even to plant in its own pot!

To Finish Up

Bulb flowers are amongst some of the most popular and most beautiful thanks in part to the fact that they slowly reveal their true colors and their true beauty carefully over time. 

Of all of the many bulb flowers across the world, these are easily some of our very favorites, and they each bring a unique visual style to a home, or to a flower bed. 

Most of these flowers are also incredibly easy to grow yourself, so why not try and source some to care for today?

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