12 Beautiful Types Of Bouquet Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Creating bouquets is one of the best ways to display flowers, especially if you want to perfectly display the beauty of specific flowers.

Bouquets are especially popular at weddings because they are often arranged in a way that allows them to be held in a person’s hands. 

12 Beautiful Types Of Bouquet Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Bouquets are made up of infinitely differing combinations of flowers, to create entirely new looks, which is what makes them so fabulous to look at.

However, occasionally we can find ourselves getting a bit bored by the same old flower arrangements and flower choices.

As such, you’ve likely found yourself right here because you want to spark your imagination by seeing some unusual flowers that are perfect for adding to bouquets.

Luckily, you’ve come to exactly the right place, because today we are going to show you 12 of the very best bouquet flowers that you may not have ever seen before! Dive in down below! 

1. Calla Lily

These flowers are often found around ponds and other moist environs, and thanks to their unique shape they are able to add a lot of visual interest to a bouquet. We totally love the large and curved petals of the calla lily.

They branch out from a central point and reach high up above the stem, or curl up to reveal the bright yellow stamen at the center. 

The shape of calla lilies is easily one of the best things about the flower. Their conical shape makes them fantastic for adding to a bouquet because they can make for a great centerpiece to make it all look even better.

2. Thistle

Thistles can be great flowers to add if you want to inject a little bit of extra texture and shape into a bouquet, or you could easily make them the focal point of the entire arrangement! 

Thistles naturally have quite thin and long stems, which makes them easy to work with to simply slot them into position wherever you want in the bouquet.

Creating an entire thistle bouquet is also easy, and allows you to create a perfect dried bouquet look that looks simply amazing in the fall! 

Dried bouquets that have thistles are great if you want to create an arrangement that has a slight sense of moodiness to it! 

3. Stephanotis 

If you want to create some small and very simple bouquets that look absolutely fabulous, then stephanotis may be the perfect flowers for you. These incredibly subtle flowers are incredibly small, and very adorable.

They have a pure white color, and they bloom out from the top of thin green stalks, which helps to give them an incredibly natural look.

These flowers look simply incredible when arranged together thanks to their pure white look that is incredibly reflective of sunlight. The white color of these flowers also makes them great for weddings, especially for bridesmaids! 

4. Queen Anne’s Lace

Another great flower for adding to wedding arrangements is Queen Anne’s lace. Queen Anne’s lace is a beautiful flower that is made up of a cluster of hundreds of tiny white flowers, which creates a very fluffy overall look that is totally fabulous. 

These flowers can easily be added to an existing bouquet to add a little bit of extra interesting shape to the whole arrangement or can be the centerpiece of a simpler arrangement! 

5. Lavender

Lavender is pretty much the embodiment of relaxation and calm. The scent of lavender, alone, is enough to help your body immediately release its pent-up stresses, and this can make it a great flower to add to fragrant arrangements and bouquets. 

Lavender also looks great when added to a bouquet thanks to its deep and rich purple color that helps it to stand out.

Lavender can look great mixed together with fresh spring flowers, but can also look great with fall flowers, or even dried flowers, making it a very versatile flower to make use of! 

6. Hyacinths

Hyacinths are spring bulbs that are known for having a highly unique shape that is immediately attractive. However, because they are so large, you will want to make sure to carefully consider where you add them in an overall flower arrangement.

However, if you can get the balance just right, then hyacinths can easily inject some life into your arrangements.

Hyacinths also look great in arrangements alongside other hyacinths if you want to create something simple that can look amazing in the hands of bridesmaids at a wedding. 

7. Craspedia

If you want a bouquet that can help you to celebrate the Spring season, or you want to create unique bouquets for weddings at sunnier times of the year, then craspedia could well be the flower for you! 

These flowers are often known as ‘Drumsticks’ thanks to their unique shape. The flowers themselves take the form of round blooms that grow upon the top of extremely thin but very hardy stalks.

They are almost reminiscent of the sun, not just in terms of their shape, but also in terms of their amazing and resplendent yellow color that is certain to bring life to any flower arrangement. 

Crapsedias also look totally amazing when they are dried, which makes them great even for dried bouquets, and bouquets full of fall colors! 

8. Astilbes

Astilbes are also often known as ‘False Goat’s Beard’, and when you take a look at them yourself, it’s not exactly difficult to see why! 

These flowers grow in tall arrangements, creating spear-like shapes that point up from their stalks, and they can boast amazing colors like pink, purple, white, and even red. This can make them great for adding to all kinds of different bouquets.

You could easily add the white variety to a wedding bouquet arrangement, and they can help to add a little bit of extra exciting shape to the whole thing. 

9. Anthurium

If you want a hint of exoticism in your flower bouquet, then you will want to go for anthuriums as part of the whole arrangement! Anthuriums have perhaps the most unique shape on this entire list.

The large petal that extends from the top of the stem surrounds the long and thick central stamen and curls around in a slightly sharp shape that looks totally excellent! 

These flowers can come in a wide array of colors, so you can also easily pick the perfect color for your arrangement or even the event you are creating the bouquet for! 

10. Amaryllis

Amaryllis are some of our favorite flowers for creating fabulous flower arrangements thanks to their simple but very effective shape.

These flowers blossom out from a conical central point, and then from there, the petals branch out and curve outwards creating a star-like shape with a deep central point to draw the eye inwards. 

The central stamen of the flower points out to a great height, which adds a great sense of dimensionality to the flowers, and also helps to make them a great flower to add to a bouquet if you want to create central focal points, or just otherwise inject a little bit of life into the arrangement. 

11. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria flowers have some of the most unique petals on this list, and that is thanks to the special pattern that many of the petals boast.

On one or two of the petals of each of these flowers is a pattern made up of little black flecks that help to give the flowers a very exotic and almost very wild look that we simply adore.

If you are creating flower arrangements or bouquets for the summer, or for outdoor events, then these are great flowers to go for.

As well as having unique petal patterns, the petals can also range massively in terms of color, so you can also add these flowers to bouquets with larger color schemes! 

12. Zinnia

Zinnia are flowers that bloom into massive and rounded flowers that look totally incredible. The multiple layers of petals of the flowers help zinnia flowers to look almost fluffy, like pom poms celebrating the arrival of the spring sunshine! 

These flowers can be a little bit harder to include in a bouquet because you need to consider their fairly significant size, but with some careful arrangement, you can easily turn them into the centerpiece of a larger arrangement, which makes them a great flower to make use of in a bouquet. 

Zinnia are also fabulous flowers to use because they can come in a massive array of colors, making them perfect for creating arrangements of specific styles or color schemes. We simply adore them and their versatility! 

To Wrap Up

There are a massive number of flowers that are a natural fit for flower arrangements, and with a little bit of creativity, you can easily integrate a massive number of unique flowers into a bouquet.

Of all the many flowers, however, we believe these are some of the very best unique flowers you can make use of for creating your bouquets! 

Diane Peirce

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