10 Beautiful Types Of Orange Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Within the natural world, it is certainly true that there is plenty of beauty to behold – with flowers offering a much needed jolt of color, fragrance, and vibrancy into what would be a dull world. 

10 Beautiful Types Of Orange Flowers You May Not Have Seen

One of the most common colors for flowers is orange – usually with variations in reds and yellows – and these make up some of the most popular species in the world.

However, while there are many common orange species of flowers in the world, there are many that are less common – something we will examine further in this list. 

Orange Flowers: Our Top 10 Picks

Now it’s time for us to take a closer look at some of the rarest and most beautiful orange flowers in the world, where they can be found, and what makes them so special. 

There are obviously many flowers we could choose from, but as this list suggests, there are some species of flowers that just do it better than the rest – be it in terms of their uniqueness, their vibrancy, or the functions they serve. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Indian Prince

Also known as Calendula Officinalis, the Indian prince is also known as the pot marigold (or common marigold), and is a popular, attractive plant with a vivid orange color. 

Native to southern Europe, but found throughout the world – due to widespread transportation because of the sheer beauty and color – Indian prince makes a great addition to any green space or garden, and really does typify the beauty and color that this list was compiled to reflect. 

With a long stem and aromatic dark green foliage, the Indian prince offers something a little more regal and refined – and will adorn any garden with the same level of grandiosity. 

2. Torch

Aptly named for its resemblance to the flaming torch (at least in terms of color), the torch plant is another example of an underrated yet beautiful orange plant – and one that makes a great addition to any garden or green area. 

Also known as the red sunflower, or the Mexican sunflower, the torch is a native flower to North America – where it can be found in the warmer, moister regions of the continent. 

With colors ranging from yellow, to orange, and even deeper to red, the torch flower is understated and divine, and doesn’t need unusual shapes and color schemes to brighten up your day. 

3. Orange King

Also known as Zinnia Elegans, the Orange King is a variety of annual flowering plant in the Asteraceae family.

While many color variations are available – including pinks, purples, and reds – the Orange King variation is without a doubt one of the most vibrant within this group. 

Offering semi-double flowers – which are tightly, thickly distributed – the Orange King has plenty of body to it, making it a great choice for existing gardens and wild spaces, where it can add a much needed jolt of color into existing floral arrangements. 

Located all throughout Mexico, South America, and Central America, this is one of the most popular and well loved orange flowers throughout the continent, and is a firm favorite amongst botanists and gardeners around the world. 

4. Solar Flash (Sunflower) 

A bit of a wild card on this list, but one that undoubtedly deserves its place, is the Solar Flash – a variety of sunflower that, while featuring the typical golden yellow/orange petals, also possesses a distinctly vibrant, deep orange/red center color scheme that really makes it stand out from its counterparts. 

Sunflowers are loved all over the world for their vibrancy, easiness to grow, and their relative versatility against environmental factors.

However, if you are looking for a bright, beautiful sunflower that remains unique and different from the rest, then be sure to give the Solar Flash a try. 

What’s more, these are also some of the smallest growing sunflowers (at only 20 inches), meaning they can be perfectly suitable for even the smallest flower bed or garden. 

5. Vulcan Dahlia 

Next on our list is the Vulcan Dahlia – another member of the Asteraceae family, and one that looks completely alien, unique, and staggeringly attractive.

Of course, while the name might make you think of everyone’s favorite pointy-eared aliens from Star Trek, this flower is actually named after Ancient Roman god of fire Vulcan – and it really isn’t hard to see why this name stuck. 

Characterized by it’s unusually jagged, curving shape, as well as the flame orange color scheme that really makes it stand out, these dahlias really do look like the fire god they are named for, and are perfect for adding a little of this regality, raw power, and warmth to any garden or flower bed. 

Once again found throughout Mexico and Central America, the Vulcan dahlia undoubtedly requires plenty of sun – and does best in well-drained soil that has high fertility. 

6. Canna Tropicanna 

Also known as the Canna Lily, Canna Tropicanna is a vibrant and colorful flower that is widely dispersed throughout the Tropics – equatorial countries that are exposed to high levels of heat, moisture, and sunlight. 

Characterized by their tall purple stems and bright fire orange flower heads, Canna Tropicanna is undoubtedly an attractive orange flower, and one that remains popular throughout the regions where it grows abundantly. 

Everything about this flower seems unique and exotic, and it really demands attention, care, and love – requiring plenty of sunlight, fertile, well-draining soil, and near constant temperatures.

This means that those who live in colder climates – or ones that are not constant – will have to invest in a greenhouse to keep these vibrant yet fragile flowers safe. 

7. Red Hot Poker

Also known as the Orange Kniphofia, the Red Hot Poker is a variety of plant that comes in all manner of warm colors – however, this orange variety is certainly the most worthy of the name, very much resembling the searing hot metal that the name suggests. 

Growing tall on long green stems, and with the distinctive vertical oblong shape of the petals – each adorned with yellows, oranges, and reds – it really is a great way to add height to a garden, and really layer the color above the flower bed itself. 

Native to the continent of Africa, Red Hot Pokers are a much loved flower throughout the country (where they grow wild), as well as around the world, where they have become famous for their vibrancy, richness in color and scent, and for their distinctive, unrecognizable shape. 

8. Barberry

Also known as Berberis Darwinii, the Barberry is an evergreen shrub that bears bushels of yellow/orange flowers – flowers that are loved throughout the world for their vibrancy, richness, and pleasant appearance. 

These might not be the strangest or most unique orange flowers on this list, but they are undoubtedly attractive – and there really is something peaceful and eye-catching about their appearance, which while subtle, is undoubtedly beautiful. 

Present on most continents, but particularly abundant in South America and Asia, the Barberry is an shining example of how a flower doesn’t need to go over the top to be revered, loved, and consistently popular. 

9. Candelabra Primula 

Known (and named) for their characteristic shape, which resembles the decorative candle holder featured throughout history, the Candelabra Primula comes in many different colors, and can be found throughout the world, we are concerned with the Primula Cockburniana – a small yet vibrantly orange primula found in Southeast China. 

A short-lived perennial, the Primula Cockburniana is a much loved and popular plant throughout the region, and despite being small and easy to miss, can be a breathtaking sight when growing wild en masse – not to mention a great blast of color to a garden or flower bed. 

And what’s more, their small stature means that they can easily be incorporated into even the smallest gardens. 

10. Orange Troika 

Part of the Nasturtium family, the ‘Orange Troika’ is an understated yet vibrantly orange/red flower that is great for adding color and attracting wildlife to your garden – especially large species of butterflies, which are attracted by the sweet smell that the plant exudes. 

What’s more, the flowers of the plant are also edible, and are consumed as part of salads in some parts of the world.

However, for those who are simply looking for breathtaking aesthetic beauty in their gardens, then the Orange Troika might be one to try! 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about orange flowers, and the rarest, most beautiful varieties in the world. 

Within the natural world, there is a whole spectrum of beautiful flowers to behold – many of which are vibrantly colored and amazing to look at. However, as this list shows, there are just some flowers that do it better than the rest. 

So if you are interested in finding new varieties of orange flowers, then be sure to check out this guide!

Diane Peirce

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