46 Stunning Types Of Roses For Your Garden With Growing Tips

Roses are a popular flowering garden plant, cherished for their beauty and fragrance. They are an excellent addition to any garden thanks to the various colors and shapes they come in.

Types Of Roses For Your Garden With Growing Tips

They can also complement the other plants in the area. Another reason why roses are so great in a garden is that they attract pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, which are essential for the growth and reproduction of many plants.

Additionally, many modern rose varieties are disease-resistant and require less maintenance, making them an ideal choice for novice and experienced gardeners alike.

Their long blooming period, which can span for months, provides a stunning burst of color, beauty, and fragrance to the garden.

In this article, we will look at 46 different types of roses that can brighten up your backyard. We will also provide some tips and tricks to make the most of these stunning flowers. 

Stunning Types Of Roses For Your Garden

As we mentioned above, there are so many different types of roses that you can plant in your garden to bring some color and fragrance. Below we have compiled a list of stunningly beautiful types of roses that can bring new life to your garden. 

Rose Trees

Some of the most classic roses that you can have in your garden are rose trees. These can be used to create depth and levels in your garden.

Rose trees can also create areas of dappled sunshine for smaller plants that don’t like full sunlight. Here are some of the most beautiful rose trees.

1. Weeping Rose Tree

The weeping rose tree is also commonly known as the rose standard. The roses are grown along a central stalk. The roses bloom from branches that flow from the top of the central cane.

The thin branches ensure movement in your garden, especially when there is a gentle breeze. The weeping rose tree is a fairly hardy plant, but it cannot handle freezing temperatures.

2. Cercis Pom Pom Rose Tree

The Cercis Pom Pom rose tree produces stunning pink clusters of flowers that are reminiscent of pom poms. The flowers on this tree bloom in the spring and from a distance have a similar appearance to cherry blossoms.

Once the blooms have wilted, they are replaced by beautiful heart-shaped, green foliage. This tree is sturdy and creates a wonderful focal point for your garden. 

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are created by combining two types of roses to create a new flower. The petals can be two-toned or a solid color.

These can make an incredible addition to your garden by providing a pop of color throughout the season and varying degrees of fragrance. Below are some of the most beautiful hybrid tea roses to liven up your garden.

3. Rosa ‘Peace’

The peace rose is an upright rose that has plenty of dark green, glossy foliage. The light yellow leaves are tinged with a pink blush on the ends and contrast beautifully against the leaves.

Each stem produces two flowers that are incredibly fragrant. Each stem can grow to around 80 cm tall. It is a repeat flowering plant which means you can enjoy the flowers throughout the summer. 

4. Rosa ‘Double Delight’

The double delight rose is similar to the peace rose in that it is an upright rose. These stems can grow as tall as 90 cm. The blooms are bushy and more brightly colored.

The tips of the petals are a rich, vibrant red or pink while the base is a creamy yellow shade. The flowers are fully doubled and extremely fragrant. There is plenty of foliage in a mid-green shade to contrast the flowers. 

5. Rosa ‘Chrysler Imperial

If you want a more traditional look for your garden but want to be able to smell that you have roses, the Chrysler Imperial rose is for you.

This flower has an extremely strong fragrance that matches perfectly with the appearance of the flower. The petals of this flower are a deep red, crimson color that forms a fairly traditional rose shape.

6. Rosa ‘Full Sail’ 

Another brilliantly fragrant flower is the Full Sail rose. The bloom of this rose is very large, reaching around 5 inches across. The petals are a stunning cream color with a full, high-center, or flat shape.

Each stem of this plant features a solitary bloom which creates a striking look. The plant will bloom in waves or flushes from the spring through until the fall. 

7. Rosa ‘Tropicana’ 

The Tropicana rose, also known as the superstar rose, is a bushy rose that can grow as tall as 1 – 1.2 m tall.

The flower is lightly scented, but the lack of fragrance is made up for with the beautiful dark green foliage that creates the perfect backdrop for the coral-orange petals. This is a repeat-flowering rose that produces blooms through summer and fall.

8. Rosa ‘Papa Meilland’ 

Another strikingly beautiful rose is the Papa Meilland. The beautiful, traditional-looking petals have an almost velvety appearance.

The fragrance of this flower is intense and has old rose notes making this a very traditional garden rose. The stems can grow to around 90 cm tall and the foliage is semi-glossy and mid to dark green. 

9. Rosa ‘Dark Night’ 

For a more interesting look, the Dark Night rose could be the perfect addition to your flower beds. The bloom can reach up to 4 inches across and is made up of 27 petals.

The top side of the petals is a stunning, velvety dark red color. The underside of the petals is a beautiful creamy-yellow color. This is a very unique-looking rose. 

10. Rosa ‘Apricot Candy’ 

The Apricot Candy rose is one of the most accurately named roses on this list. In fact, it is the perfect antidote to all of the dark colored hybrid tea roses we have looked at so far.

To add to the stunning soft apricot color of these double flowers is the beautifully delicate fragrance. The flowers bloom to a size of 3.5 inches. 

11. ‘Black Baccara’ rose 

If you can’t get enough of the striking dark hybrid tea roses, the Black Baccara rose could be just what you are looking for. The petals of this flower are a deep red but often look black in certain light.

The stems grow to around 1 m tall. The foliage of this plant is dark green to match the dark red petals. The leaves are semi-matte rather than glossy which gives a beautiful visual effect. 

Shrub Roses

If you have always dreamed of having a perfectly shaped rose bush in your garden, a shrub rose plant is what you need.

There are so many different types of rose shrubs that you can get for your flower beds. Below are some of the most beautiful and romantic shrubs to complete your garden.

12. Fruhlingsgold Rose

If you want to get the bang for your buck, the Fruhlingsgold rose shrub is just what you need. This is a medium-sized shrub that is dense with foliage and flowers.

The foliage is a beautiful dark green color that sets off the stunning, delicate yellow and cream flowers. This shrub is super easy to grow and care for, and they are pretty hardy too.

13. Molineux Rose

If you want a rose shrub that looks more like a traditional rose, the Molineux rose could be just what you are looking for. This is a medium-sized shrub that can grow to a height of 3 ft which is perfect for smaller gardens.

The flowers have a light, musky fragrance and bloom in a beautiful yellow-orange color. This is a repeat-flowering rose. 

14. Swany Rose

The Swany rose, sometimes called the Swan rose, is a dwarf shrub that spreads. Because of the smaller stature of this shrub, it will only grow to around 70 cm in height.

This is another great choice for smaller gardens that could feel overwhelmed by larger shrubs. The flowers can be white or a blush pink and grow to around 5 cm across. 

Miniature And Mini Flora Roses

If you are working with a smaller space or you just want to add a subtle pop of color and fragrance to your garden, a miniature or mini flora rose plant could be just what you need.

These flowers are stunningly beautiful and delicate. Below are some of the most striking miniature and mini flora roses.

15. Cupid’s Kiss Rose

These beautiful Cupid’s Kiss roses are sure to add a brilliant pop of color to your garden. This miniature rose is a climbing variety that is sure to catch your attention.

The small blooms boast stunning, rich shades of pink with yellow and white middles. The foliage is a brilliant shade of green to provide a stunning contrast. 

16. Petite de Hollande

Another stunning miniature rose is the Petite de Hollande. The blooms that this plant produces are delicate and have a beautiful fragrance. The blooms are rounded with many individual rose-pink petals.

The foliage is a stunning mid-green color that provides the perfect backdrop for the clusters of flowers. This is a hardy little plant that remains compact.

17. Stars ‘N’ Stripes

The Stars ‘n’ Stripes miniature rose was created by David Austin. This rose was named for America after 9/11. Each miniature Stars ‘n’ Stripes shrub produces hundreds of blooms that are usually around 2” across.

The petals feature beautiful two-tone colors, usually in pink or red and white. Each stem or spray can grow to around 10 – 16”. 

18. Autumn Splendor

If you are looking for roses that will evoke memories of sunsets and summer vacations, the Autumn Splendor mini-flora rose is just what you need.

The blooms on this rose bush feature shades of yellow, orange, and red with an ombre effect. The flowers have a mild fragrance. The foliage is a dark green color with a glossy finish. 

Climbing Roses

If you have an area of wall or fence in your garden that you would rather have covered with plants, climbing roses could be just what you need.

These roses like to grow on a surface such as a wall and can transform the edge of your garden in a simple but effective way. Below are some of the most beautiful climbing roses for your garden. 

19. Blaze Rose

For an intense pop of color to brighten your garden, the Blaze Rose is perfect. The flowers that are produced by this plant are large and have a distinctive fragrance.

As the name suggests, the blooms from this plant are a rich pink/red color. This contrasts perfectly with the mid-green foliage. This plant enjoys clay or sandy soil.

20. Eden Rose

If you have a lot of wall space to cover in your garden, the Eden Rose could be the perfect climber to cover it. This plant can grow between 6 and 10 feet tall.

This is another climbing rose that produces large, colorful, fragrant flowers. The blooms on this plant are a soft blush-pink color and produce a wonderful fragrance when they are fully open.

The dark-green foliage helps to highlight the blooms and makes this an incredibly aesthetic plant. 

21. Cecile Brunner

If you want a climbing rose that is full of personality and that displays stunning blooms throughout the season, this is the perfect plant for you. The Cecile Brunner climbing rose produces 2” fully double flowers in a stunning soft blush-pink color.

The flowers bloom from delicate pointed buds that sit at the end of thin stems. The foliage is more sparse than other species of rose. 

22. Iceberg Rose

This is another climbing rose where the name provides a strong idea of what the flowers look like. The Iceberg rose is a stunning climbing shrub that produces large pure white flowers.

The blooms are round and have a subtle fragrance. The foliage of this plant is dark green and glossy to contrast the bright flowers.

One of the most interesting things about this plant is that the stems are thornless which is perfect for gardens with pets and young children.

Rambler Roses

If you don’t have the space for climbing roses but want a stunning rose bush that has a lot of shape and can bring some interesting dynamics to your garden, rambler roses are just what you need.

Below are some of the most beautiful rambler roses to spruce up your garden. 

23. Rosa filipes ‘Kiftsgate’

If you have a lot of space that you want to fill in your garden, the Rosa filipes ‘Kiftsgate’ rose could be just what you need. This is an exceptionally large rambler rose that can grow to 10 m in height and spread.

It is made up of plenty of light green foliage so it isn’t too brooding in your yard. The flowers are delicate and don’t look like a traditional rose which can be quite interesting in your garden.

24. Gardenia Rose

Another stunning white rambler rose that can bring life to your garden is the Gardenia Rose. This is a rose that gets its name from the fragrance that is given off by the bloom.

This is a great rose to have in your garden if you want an easy and hardy plant. The Gardenia Rose is drought resistant and can even tolerate being in a shady area. The petals of the bloom are delicate but create an interesting sense of motion in your garden. 

25. Adelaide d’Orleans

Another stunning white rose that can brighten up your garden is the Adelaide d’Orleans rose.   This is a rose that only flowers once per season which should be taken into account before planting.

The flowers produce a light fragrance when in bloom. This is a tall rambler rose that can grow to a maximum height and spread of 6 m. The flowers are white but bloom from a pink bud.   

26. Dorothy Perkins

If you are looking for a rose that is going to bring some movement to your garden, the Dorothy Perkins rose could be just what you need. The flowers of this plant cascade in large clusters, spreading across the mid-green foliage.

The blooms are salmon-pink in color and shaped like rosettes. They have a slight fragrance when fully bloomed and are large in size. This is a hardy plant that can survive with simple maintenance.

27. Princess Louise

To add a touch of royalty to your garden, the Princess Louise rose can be the perfect addition. This is a smaller rambling rose than many of the others on this list.  On average, Princess Louise roses will grow to around 4.5 m high.

Soft pink buds give way to stunning sprays of small, double, creamy-white, and blush-pink flowers. The flowers seem to cascade over the bright green foliage as they bloom, creating an interesting focal point for your garden. 

Polyantha Roses

If you don’t have space for a 10 m rambler rose bush in your garden, you should take a look at some polyantha rose bushes. These are more compact, dwarf shrubs that are perfect for smaller gardens or spaces.

These plants usually have double or semi-double blooms in various colors. Below are some of the most beautiful polyantha roses for your garden. 

28. Gruss An Aachen

Guss An Aachen is a small, bushy plant that generally grows to around 45 cm high. The foliage is mid to dark green in color and provides the perfect background to showcase the beautiful blooms of the plant.

Gruss An Aachen flowers are fragrant, fully double, and rosette-shaped. The blooms are often blushed pink, creamy white, or pale apricot in color. The buds on this plant are a beautiful rich pink color. 

29. The Fairy

If you are trying to create a garden that is whimsical and fun to be in, The Fairy rose is the perfect addition to your flower beds. This is a repeat flowering plant which means that you can enjoy its stunning blooms throughout the season.

This is a very dainty flower that produces small blooms. The flowers produced by this plant are most commonly a light pink color that is framed by glossy mid-green foliage.

30. Rosa Gloria Mundi

The stunning Rosa Gloria Mundi rose is native to the UK but thrives perfectly in US gardens too. The most important thing when purchasing one of these plants is to make sure that you are buying the correct type.

There is a polyantha version and a climber version which will yield very different results. The blooms on this plant come in stunning shades of red and pink. The foliage is a stunning gray-green color which complements the blooms brilliantly.

Floribunda Roses

Floribunda roses are a beautiful plant that has been created by combining hybrid tea roses and polyantha roses.

Taking these two wonderful plants helps to create a bloom that is beautiful, fragrant, and varied.  Below are some of the most beautiful floribunda roses that can liven up your garden. 

31. Anne Harkness

The most common colors of roses are pink, red, and white. However, the Anne Harkness rose boasts a beautiful apricot bloom that breaks the mold.

Each truss on the plant can produce up to 20 blooms. The blooms on this plant are quite typical of rose bushes which makes them instantly recognizable in your garden. 

32. Hot Cocoa

With perhaps one of the most unusual names on this list, the Hot Cocoa rose makes a great addition to practically any garden. This is a robust and bushy plant that is perfect for filling in gaps in your flower beds.

The Hot Cocoa or Hot Chocolate rose gets its name from the stunning but rare russet brown color of the petals. The foliage of the shrub is a dark, glossy green color which complements the flowers perfectly.

33. Tuscan Sun

If you want to fill your garden with stunning fragrance and color, the Tuscan Sun rose is the perfect option. This is a stunning rose bush that is made up of deep, rich green foliage. 

From the foliage, neat, pointed buds appear.  The buds bloom into large flowers with light and dark shades of orange. The blooms have a traditional, recognizable rose shape with frilly petals.

34. Honey Bouquet

If you want to have roses in your garden but need something that is easy to maintain and grow, the Honey Bouquet rose is perfect for you. This is a compact rose bush that is always blooming and is disease-resistant.

The stems are quite thorny on this rose bush, but that is a small price to pay for the amazing blooms at the end of the stems. As the name suggests, the blooms on this rose bush is a pale yellow color that is reminiscent of honey.

Ground Cover Roses

If you want to choose from roses that are as low maintenance as possible, ground cover roses are the perfect choice for you. These are super simple to take care of.

Although, they don’t necessarily have the same visual appearance as other, more traditional rose bushes. Below are some of the most beautiful ground cover varieties. 

35. Avon Rose

The Avon rose, also known as “Fairy Lights” or the “Sunnyside Rose” is a beautiful groundcover rose that has a striking appearance. The foliage of this plant is dark green with a glossy finish.

The blooms of the plant are flat with semi-double petals. The petals range from very pale pink to pearl white. This variety of rose blooms in clusters and creates a beautiful aesthetic throughout the season.

36. Flower Carpet Coral

If you are looking for a rose plant that will provide you with plenty of blooms and brings a ton of color to your garden, the Flower Carpet Coral rose could be just what you need.

This is a compact rose bush, but it is bursting with blooms that bring plenty of life to your flower beds. The blooms on this bush are a coral-pink color with a pale center.

The foliage is dark green and helps to break up the carpet of pink. This variety of rose bushes has a long bloom season and evergreen foliage.

English Roses

English roses, sometimes known as David Austin roses after the breeder who developed them, are the most fragrant types of roses that you can buy.

Many of these plants have double blossoms that bring together old-fashioned roses and modern ones. Below are some of the most beautiful and fragrant English roses for your garden. 

37. Benjamin Britten

The Benjamin Britten rose was made in honor of the British composer and conductor of the same name. The main thing that stands out about this rose is the color, which is unusual for an English rose.

The blooms are a stunning deep salmon pink which is very vibrant against the mid-green foliage. This is an incredibly fragrant rose that will fill your garden with beautiful, rose scents. Benjamin Britten roses are best planted between January and May.

38. Charlotte Rose

The Charlotte Rose or Rosa Charlotte is an English Rose that boasts stunning mid to dark green foliage. The shrub is quite small and neat which makes it the perfect option for mixed beds or the front of a border.

This award-winning rose produces gorgeous yellow blooms that exude summer vibes. When in full bloom, these roses give off a beautiful fragrance that can fill your entire garden. 

39. Gentle Hermione

For a more subtle addition to your flower beds, the Gentle Hermione rose is an excellent choice. The blooms of this plant are a pale, peachy, pink color.

The fragrance of these flowers is quite strong and will fill your garden with beautiful scents throughout the flowering season. This is a repeat flowering plant that will last throughout the summer months.

The Gentle Hermione is a large shrub that can grow to a height of 4 feet. 

40. Darcey Bussell

The Darcey Bussell rose is named after the British ballerina of the same name. This is a crimson, pink flower that blooms repeatedly throughout the season.

The fragrance of this flower is light to medium in strength. It will not overpower your garden, rather it brings a gentle fragrance that you can experience in passing. This rose is available in various shades of pink from pale blush to deep burgundy.

41. Harlow Carr

If the conditions in your garden are less than ideal for growing most types of roses, the Harlow Carr English Rose is the perfect choice for you. This is an incredibly robust, bushy shrub.

It features some of the most beautiful foliage of all the rose plants on this list. Instead of a shade of green, the foliage is a stunning bronze color. The blooms are pure rose-pink in the “old rose” style.  These roses are incredibly fragrant.

42. Munstead Wood

If you want a rose that is going to stand out from the rest of your flowers and bring some drama to your garden, the Munstead Wood rose is a perfect choice. The most striking thing about this plant is the beautiful velvet-like crimson of the petals.

The shrub is small but broad, growing to around 1 m in height. The flowers bloom from the beginning of summer through to the fall. When the flowers are in full bloom, they give off a strong, fruity, old rose fragrance that will fill your garden. 

Grandiflora Roses

Another wonderful mix of roses creates beautiful Grandiflora roses. These roses are created by breeding hybrid tea roses with floribunda roses. The result of this mix is large elegant blooms with repeated flowering cycles.

These types of roses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Not all Grandiflora roses are fragrant. Below are some of the most beautiful Grandiflora roses to add to your garden.

43. Love Rose

This is one of the most romantic-looking roses on this list. The Love Rose is a stunning Grandiflora rose that boasts two-toned petals in full bloom. The underside of the petals is pure white or cream.

The top of the petals is a rich red color. The bloom of this flower can be as big as 4” across. One of the best things about this particular rose is the fact that it seems to bloom almost perpetually. 

44. Cherry Parfait

This rose goes by many names depending on where you are in the world. It is most commonly known as Cherry Parfait Rose or Rosa Fire & Ice. The shrub naturally takes on a neat, round shape.

The Cherry Parfait rose never stops blooming throughout the summer season. You can see flowers on this plant from late spring to early fall.

Each flower is around 4” across when fully bloomed. The petals of the flowers are white or soft pink with a richer pink or red on the tips.

45. Dream Come True

If you want a rose bush for your garden that deviates from the traditional pink and red hues of common roses, the Dream Come True Grandiflora rose could be the perfect addition to your flower beds.

The flowers produced by this plant are large, reaching around 5” across when in full bloom. Each flower has 40 petals, making it a very full flower. The Dream Come True rose features soft yellow petals that are stained with cerise pink along the edges. 

46. Queen Elizabeth

As the name of this rose suggests, it was created as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. The plant is tall, robust, and upright, qualities that were chosen to represent the queen.

The flowers bloom in clusters and each bloom is large, rounded, and fully doubled. The soft pink flowers are scented and can fill your garden with a gentle, sweet rose scent. The foliage of this plant is a dark green color and the leaves have a leathery texture. 

Growing Tips

If you have grown roses before, you are likely to be familiar with what is required to keep your plants as healthy and happy as possible. 

However, if you have never grown or maintained roses in your garden before, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to help your rose bush to flourish and thrive in your garden.

Below are some of the best tips to make your rose bushes look their best all season long.

Where To Plant Roses

Roses need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day and prefer well-draining soil with good air circulation.

This means that you should avoid planting your roses in the corners of your garden or near walls or fences that are likely to block sunlight for large chunks of the day.

You should also try to avoid overcrowding your rose bush with other plants. This is incredibly important for younger rose plants that can easily be swamped and shaded by taller more established plants. 

When To Plant Roses

The best time to plant roses is in the spring or fall when temperatures are cooler. Avoid planting during the hottest months of the year as this can damage the plant and affect the overall growth of the roses. 

If you have bought or been given a rose plant during the summer, try to avoid repotting or transferring the plant to the garden during the summer.

It is possible to keep your young rose bush in a pot inside your home until the weather is more appropriate for outdoor planting. This will allow you to control the exposure to sunlight.

If you live in an area that experiences particularly harsh winters, it is best to keep your rose plant in a pot inside your home until the last frost of the season to give it the best chance to thrive.

Pests And Problems

In order to properly protect your plant and keep it looking as beautiful as possible, you should keep an eye out for common rose pests and diseases.

These can include creatures such as aphids, blackspots, and powdery mildew. If you do find any pests or diseases on your plant, treat them as necessary with organic or chemical controls.

When treating pests and diseases, it is always best to try organic treatments first and only use chemical controls when absolutely necessary. This will help to protect your plant and avoid contamination of your soil with chemicals. 

There are also some brilliant natural deterrents that you can use to help avoid pests becoming a problem in the first place. One such deterrent simply uses raisins that have been threaded onto some string.

Hanging the raisins near or around your rose bush is a great way to deter aphids from destroying your plants. The sweet raisins attract them instead. Just make sure to replace raisins that get destroyed. 

Potting And Repotting

If you want to keep your roses flowering and growing year after year, you will need to pot and re-pot them properly. You will need to re-pot your roses as soon as they get too big for their pots if you want them to continue to grow with healthy roots.

The process of repotting is as simple as planting your roses in the ground, just in a bigger pot. Make sure that you have the right soil and some fertilizer to help them settle in their new homes.

The most important thing to remember is to re-pot them as soon as necessary. Leaving them in a pot that is too small can compact the roots and affect the growth of the plant. 

Miniature and groundcover or carpet roses do really well in pots and can withstand repotting with minimal fuss.

However, climbing roses do not like being in pots and should be planted in the ground as soon as they are big enough. Because of this, it is important to think about when you are purchasing a climbing rose.

General Rose Care

Water regularly: Roses need at least 1 inch of water per week, this can either come from rainfall or irrigation.

Make sure that you water deeply and avoid getting the foliage wet. This will make sure that the roots are getting all the water they need to help the plant grow. 

Fertilize regularly: To keep your plant as happy and healthy as possible, you should apply a slow-release fertilizer in the spring and again in midsummer.

This can help to provide your roses with all the nutrients they need to reach their full potential. Follow package instructions for the amount and frequency.

Prune properly: You should always prune roses in early spring before new growth begins. The point of this is to remove dead, diseased, and crossing branches.

You should also cut back the canes to encourage new growth. If you don’t prune your rose bushes, the old branches can still use the plant’s nutrients which takes away from new buds and branches. 

Apply mulch around the base: To keep your rose plants looking as healthy as possible, you should apply 2 – 4 inches of organic mulch around the base of the rose.

The point of this is to help the soil to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate temperature. All of this helps to provide the ideal environment for your plant to thrive.

Deadhead spent blooms: Similarly to pruning your plant, you should remove spent blooms to encourage new growth and promote repeat blooming throughout the season.

Unlike pruning, you should remove the spent blooms as and when necessary rather than at a certain point in the season. This will help avoid nutrients being wasted on dead or dying blooms.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different types of roses that you can plant in your garden to add some vibrancy and fragrance. From traditional varieties to modern hybrids, there is something to suit every taste and preference.

You can even choose from varieties that are hardy and simple to look after to make your garden as low maintenance as possible.

Thinking about the type of rose bush that you can have in your garden will make it a much more enjoyable place to spend your time during the summer months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Thornless Roses Better?

On this list, we have looked at both thorned and thornless varieties of rose bushes. You may be wondering whether there is a difference or benefit to one type of rose plant over the other.

From a horticultural point of view, there is no difference between a rose with thorns and a rose without thorns. Both plants require the same care and attention to grow. 

The main considerations when choosing between thorned and thornless roses are the aesthetics and safety of the plant.

Thorns are useful to protect roses from predators and to help the plant rise above surrounding plants. However, they can cause a small safety issue in gardens with animals or young children. 

If your garden is regularly used by young children or pets, you might want to consider thornless varieties to avoid painful incidents when playing near the bushes.

Can You Grow Roses Indoors?

The short answer to this question is, yes, you can. Once upon a time, the only varieties of roses that could be grown inside were miniature varieties.

However, it is now possible to grow many different types of roses in pots indoors. All you need to do is make sure that the plant has enough sunlight, care, and attention.

If you are going to grow roses indoors, it is best to plant them in January or February. This is because the plants are dormant during these months which helps avoid damaging the plant.

You should make sure that you water the rose daily or every other day. You should also fertilize the plant regularly to ensure that it is getting the nutrients it needs. 

In order for your rose to thrive inside, make sure that it is within a comfortable temperature range at all times. This is usually between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. You may need to invest in a humidifier if your home is particularly dry. 

When growing roses indoors, it is important to make sure that the pot you are using is big enough.

As your plant grows, you may need to re-pot it to allow it to grow stronger, bigger roots.  Re-pot your rose during periods of dormancy to protect it. A rose will only grow as big as the pot allows. 

Climbing roses cannot be grown indoors as they do not grow in pots very well. They require more room for their roots than an indoor pot can allow.

What Can You Train Climbing Roses On?

Climbing roses are a great addition to any garden that has a significant amount of exposed wall or fencing. However, to get the most out of these varieties of roses, it is important to train the plant to grow how you want. 

The most common method of training a climbing rose is to use a trellis. This gives the rose something to cling to and wrap around as it grows up the wall or fence.

However, the trellis that you need for a climbing rose is different from the trellis that you would need for a lighter climbing plant such as ivy. 

Climbing roses can get surprisingly heavy, especially during the blooming season. Many varieties of climbing roses feature large blooms, each of which will weigh down the stems and put pressure on the trellis.

Because of this, you will need to invest in a strong and very sturdy trellis. It will need to support the weight of the plant when it is full of blooming flowers. 

If you want your climbing rose to get especially big, attaching a metal trellis to a wall is the best way to ensure that the plant is adequately supported.

This will also be longer lasting than a wooden trellis which is more susceptible to rotting and weakening when exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. 

Why Isn’t My Rose Bush Blooming?

Every so often, you may notice that your rose bush isn’t blooming. This can be disappointing, especially if you are new to growing roses. However, there are many reasons why a rose bush wouldn’t flower, some of which are incredibly easy to fix. 

One of the most common reasons why a rose bush isn’t blooming is a lack of sunlight. Roses need a significant amount of sunlight to thrive. If the sunlight is interrupted, it can result in the plant being unable to flower.

Make sure that there is nothing obstructing the sunlight. Rose plants should be in sunlight for at least six hours a day. If your rose bush has flowered previously but isn’t anymore, check to ensure that other plants haven’t grown to a point of blocking the sun. 

Another reason for a lack of blooms on your rose bush is the incorrect fertilizer being used. If your fertilizer has nitrogen levels that are too high, this can directly affect your rose bush’s ability to flower. 

High levels of nitrogen will encourage the plant to produce foliage instead of flowers. To help avoid this issue, you should use a fertilizer that has been specifically designed for roses.

Finally, your rose bush may be unable to flower due to being generally unhealthy. If you have noticed that your rose bush isn’t flowering and looks more limp and lifeless than normal, it may be diseased or have pests.

Some diseases are easy to diagnose yourself using the internet or gardening books. 

If you can see markings or discoloration on the stems or leaves, you may be able to identify the disease yourself. From here you can begin to treat the problem.

If you cannot see any specific physical signs of disease, you may need to consult a horticultural expert to diagnose your plant.

You can take photos or clippings of the plant to your local plant store to get advice. If a disease is diagnosed, you can begin to treat it to resolve the issue. 

There are a few diseases that may be terminal for your rose bush. In these cases, it is important to remove the bush from your garden as soon as possible.

This can help to avoid the disease from spreading to other plants in your flower beds.

Make sure to properly irrigate the soil where the bush was planted before planting anything else in the same spot. This can help to prevent the same disease from infecting a new plant. 

Rose bushes flower every year. With that being said, outdoor plants are susceptible to nature and seasons. If there has been a particularly cold winter or spring season, your bush might just be a little behind its usual schedule.

Before you begin to worry about fiddling with shade, fertilizer, and looking for diseases, make sure that you have given the bush plenty of time to flower. 

If there are no buds by mid-summer, you can begin to look at potential causes for the lack of blooms.

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