20 Beautiful Types Of Roses Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Roses are one of the most popular plant species in the world. They don’t just look stunning in a garden but you can use rose petals as decorations or as food in your tea.

20 Beautiful Types Of Roses Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Almost any well-stock backyard has a type of rose. Discover 20 beautiful types of roses flowers you may not have seen before.

The variety of roses is almost endless. From small patio roses to large climbers, roses are easy to grow because they can thrive in almost any soil type.

Take a look at our stunning rose flowers and find inspiration for your plant beds.

1. Dublin Bay

The Dublin Bay rose is a true red rose variety that is related to the “New Dawn” variety. The striking color combined with a mild fragrance makes this rose popular with rose enthusiasts and gardeners.

What makes Dublin Bay roses more unusual is that the red color doesn’t change color as it grows. Plus, the pretty flowers appear in spring lasting all the way through to winter.

2. Rosa ‘Absolutely Fabulous’

Just as its charming name suggests, Rosa “Absolutely Fabulous” is an impressive rose flower. It has a strong licorice fragrance and sweet, yellow flowers.

This floribunda rose blooms from summer until autumn. Thanks to its beautiful appearance, it was Rose of the Year 2010.

3. Rosa ‘Beatrix Potter’

Named after the famous children’s book author, Rosa “Beatrix Potter” is a deciduous rose shrub that bears dark green leaves and a subtle white and soft bloom.

The thorny stems and bushy appearance make this a popular garden rose. It produces flowers from late spring until autumn.

4. Quadra

If you are looking for a fragrant rose that has the classic red coloration and dark green leaves, then Quadra is a fantastic variety.

This plant produces large flowers that grow in up to four clusters. Their curved centers resemble the appearance of classic heirloom roses.

As Quadra rose bushes age, the color of their flowers fade from a deep red to a dark pink. However, the flowers themselves are resistant to diseases and black spots.

Quadra is a climbing rose that flowers heavily throughout the year, so make sure that you provide a supportive structure for the rose to show its full beauty.

5. Rosa Altissimo

Altissimo is another popular climbing rose that produces vibrant red flowers. In fact, with 5 inches in diameter, the blooms of this rose are unusually large.

The dark green foliage stands out beautifully against the flowers. But it’s not just its striking appearance that makes Altissimo so famous.

This rose flower is mostly resistant to common rose diseases. However, the flower petals can be prone to black spots.

6. Rosa ‘Isn’t She Lovely’

Rosa “Isn’t She Lovely” is a popular hybrid tea rose. This rose flower variety has a creamy color with pink spots and golden shimmers.

But this rose doesn’t just look lovely. It has a wonderful fragrance that attracts humans, pollinating insects and birds.

The dark green foliage creates a stunning contrast to the gentle white flowers.

7. “Loving Memory” Rose

When you ask someone what a red rose should look like, then people often think of the classic, large rose petals unfolding.

“Loving Memory” first appeared as a hybrid tea rose in 1981. These rose shrubs descent from the original red planet roses which is still visible from their rich red color.

This beautiful rose is unusually vulnerable to frost and harsh temperature changes. This means that you will need to bring it inside before the first frost.

Saying this, “Loving Memory” plants are still disease resistant and they produce flowers all year round.

8. Rosa ‘Abbie’s Rose’

As a floribunda shrub rose, “Abbie’s Rose” is bushy and low-growing. It has thorny stems that are covered in dark green leaves.

The subtle coral to pink color adds a dash of color to your garden but it also has a mild smell that mingles well with other flowers in your plant beds.

9. ‘All My Loving’ Rose

“All My Loving” is a hybrid tea rose variety that produces bright pink flowers with a light scent. The stems are strong and bear heavy foliage. This is the reason why these rose bushes grow in dense patches. 

This rose variety blooms from early spring through to the first frosts. This being said, they are not frost resistant, so you will need to either bring them inside or keep them in the greenhouse.

10. Rosa ‘A Shropshire Lad’

“A Shropshire Lad” roses are incredibly versatile. You can grow them either as large shrubs or as short climbing roses.

However, if you choose to let this rose climb, then make sure to provide support fences or structures, so the plant can show its beautiful rose flowers.

The large and heavy rosettes of this impressive flower show hues of pink and peach. They also have a slightly fruity scent.

11. ‘Constance Spry’ Rose

The “Constance Spry” rose variety is a vigorous rose shrub that produces large flowers with a mild fragrance.

As the blooms are heavy, this rose typically has a habit to arch. However, this makes it also ideal for growing against walls or climbing up a trellis.

12. Rosa ‘Diamond Days’

Just like a brilliant diamond, this white hybrid tea rose stands out with its subtle white-pink blooms. It has a strong citrus scent that attracts bees and butterflies.

It’s a rose that’s easy to grow, especially along herbaceous borders.

13. Rosa ‘Cariad’

The greyish-green leaves of “Cariad” roses make the perfect contrast to the bright pink flowers. The blooms sit at the end of thin stems.

You can expect a mild but complex fragrance with this rose. It starts as a classic tea rose scent that transforms into a spicy musk.

14. Rosa ‘Sir John Betjeman’

This bright pink rose flower is a classic English shrub that produces large enough blooms, so they have a slight arching habit.

While many rose petals fade out, “Sir John Betjeman” rose flowers turn a deeper pink as they mature.

15. Grootendorst Rose

First bred in the Netherlands in the early 1920s, the “Grootendorst” rose variety is used to cooler temperature. That’s why this rose is often grown in cold climates.

In fact, you can grow this plant also in harsh conditions, such as poor soil, wind and salt spray.

This plant produces several blooms throughout the year. Unlike some other rose flowers on our list, this beautiful rose has light green foliage that crinkles slightly.

Its unusually textured leaves and blooms make it a popular shrub for landscaping, hedges and mixed borders.

16. “Chevy Chase” Rose

This climbing rose is a popular rose that you can see in many gardens across the country. As it flowers during the summer, you can watch the bright pink color climb up walls, fences and trellis support structures.

First bred in 1939, “Chevy Chase” has a mild fragrance but the large number of flower heads mean that they attract a lot of pollinating insects.

17. “Amalia” Rose

The “Amalia” rose shrub produces dark green foliage together with dark red blooms. The dense flowers have a classic cup shape that you expect in a rose.

With these beautiful flowers, “Amalia” has a fantastic fragrance that’s intense. Unfortunately, this rose variety of susceptible to pests and diseases.

This means that gardeners need to check these roses regularly, especially during the summer months.

The vibrant flowers of this rose make a fantastic wedding bouquet, flower arrangement or table centerpiece for your celebrations.

18. “Adelaide Hoodless” Rose

This red rose is popular with gardeners thanks to its resistance to mildew and other diseases. However, it is not resistant to frost, so it can easily die during the cold winter months.

Just make sure that you move this rose into a greenhouse before the first frost. Then you can enjoy the colors of this shrub for years to come.

The vibrant red blooms grow in large clusters which makes this shrub even more attractive.

19. “Red Meidiland” Rose

What makes “Red Meidiland” a truly pleasant rose shrub is that it has dense foliage with glossy, dark green leaves. They make up an ideal background for the strong red flowers.

As the blooms mature, they open to reveal a white center with yellow stamens. Unfortunately, this rose flower doesn’t produce any scent.

This being said the flowers stay throughout the year, so you can still enjoy their beauty.

20. “Blaze” Rose

Whether you build a trellis by your front door for this rose or you let it climb across the wall, “Blaze” always produces incredibly vibrant colors.

The dense clusters of pinkish-red flowers mix with dark green leaves. In fact, the blooms cover the entire rose shrub, creating a blaze of colors.

Although it only has a mild scent, bees and butterflies still enjoy the nectar that this plant has to offer.

Final Thoughts

There are over 250 different varieties of roses but our 20 beautiful types of rose flowers you may not have seen before are some of the most stunning rose shrubs you can find.

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