12 Beautiful Types Of White Wedding Flowers You May Not Have Seen

When planning your wedding, there is so much to consider and think about. If you are unsure what color scheme to go for, then picking your wedding flowers can help you!

12 Beautiful Types Of White Wedding Flowers You May Not Have Seen

When you find flowers that you absolutely fall in love with, it can make matching bridesmaid dresses and decorations so much easier.

If you prefer things classy and elegant, then you may want to opt for white wedding flowers. White wedding flowers will look amazing if you have the groomsmen wearing black tuxedos, and of course will match a white wedding dress.

But how can you choose? In this list, we have 12 of the most beautiful types of white wedding flowers, from peonies to roses and carnations.

You are bound to find some you may not have seen before, and can find the perfect flowers for your special day!

If you are looking for white wedding flowers to suit the vision you have for your big day, then we have 12 beautiful options for you to choose from. 

1. White Hydrangea

First up on our list is the white hydrangea. Hydrangeas are a very popular flower indeed, due to their round, open, pretty petals, and the fact that they bloom all year round. This makes them suitable for any wedding, no matter what time of year it is!

White hydrangeas pair beautifully with roses or baby’s breath and can create a more dynamic look for bouquets and centerpieces.

Hydrangeas can also represent heartfelt emotions and feelings, or can be a means of expressing gratitude, so they are perfect for bridesmaid bouquets!

2. White Anemone

White anemone that is black eyed, is a great white wedding flower as it has black details, providing a stark contrast that goes well with suits and tuxedos.

You can use these flowers as part of the bouquets and centerpieces, and they go well with roses too!

The simplicity and elegance of white anemone is what draws the eye, and attracts brides to this striking flower. The flower itself is poppy like in appearance, with a bright center and fresh green foliage.

White anemone is in season in spring, so keep that in mind when choosing flowers for your wedding. 

3. White Roses

Of course, we could not make a list of beautiful white wedding flowers without including roses. Roses are by far the most popular choice for wedding flowers as they have become synonymous with the notion of love. 

Whether you choose just white roses to match your color scheme, or add other colors such as red and pink roses to add variety, roses are a stunning flower for all who behold them. 

Roses are also in season all year round, and look amazing with carnations- which are further down this list! Roses can be the main bulk of your wedding bouquet, with smaller, leafier additions to create a stunning arrangement. 

4. White Tulips

Tulips are also a popular choice. Tulips are in season all year round, and their almost closed, bell-like shape make them very attractive and elegant for weddings. Tulips can also symbolize purity, which is why they are often used in bridal bouquets. 

White tulips are absolutely timeless, and go well with a range of other flowers such as dianthus.

5. White Snapdragon

White Snapdragons are a lovely white wedding flower that all can enjoy. With the combination of a vibrant green stem, the white flowers stand out even more so.

Snapdragons look great with eucalyptus and carnations which will look amazing when mixed together as part of a bouquet or centerpiece. 

These flowers are particularly simple to care for and maintain, making them an easy option if making a bouquet yourself. White snapdragons are also one of the least expensive flowers to buy in bulk, so choosing these won’t break the bank!

6. White Gypsophila

Gypsophila can really add something to any wedding day, especially when it is white. It is pretty, dainty, with tiny flowers and long stems that look wonderful with roses or carnations. 

These flowers represent everlasting love, innocence, purity, and create a fresh, stunning display or bouquet. White gypsophila is also in season all year round, making it easy to find for any wedding day!

7. White Dahlia

White dahlia flowers can also have an eye-catching look for your wedding day. These flowers are in season during late spring to late autumn, making them readily available for the wedding season.

They look amazing in a centerpiece or as part of a bouquet.

White dahlias can also symbolize purity, new birth, innocence, and are beautiful flowers that many will love. White dahlias have inviting, open petals that can really add to your wedding day decorations.

8. White Peony

Peonies are often some of the most favored flowers due to their beauty. Peonies are also some of the most popular wedding flowers because they symbolize all of the best things that a newly wed couple can wish for. 

Peonies can symbolize good luck, a happy marriage, riches, compassion, honor, love, romance, and beauty.

If you want white peonies for your wedding, then they can be in season from late spring to early winter, and late autumn to early winter depending on your location. 

White peonies will pair beautifully with eucalyptus or carnations as part of a beautiful bridal bouquet. 

9. White Carnations

White Carnations are another white wedding flower that many choose. Their small flowers and long, green stems can create a soft, cheery look for any bouquet or centerpiece. 

White carnations can also be in season pretty much all year round, and look great with hydrangeas, roses, and more.

10. White Lily Of The Valley

White Lily of the Valley flowers are an exceptional choice. They are in season pretty much all year round, so you can find these flowers whenever you choose to have your wedding.

They are perfect for bouquets and centerpieces, and look beautiful with roses and hydrangeas in particular. 

White Lily of the Valley flowers can also symbolize love, joy, sincerity, luck, purity, and happiness- making them a wonderful choice for your wedding day. 

11. White Freesia

White freesia can look incredible at a wedding. It has a very sweet, innocent appearance, and can add some color to a monochrome palette with the green stems and buds.

White freesia can also be complemented with roses, ivy or gypsophila, and can symbolize innocence and purity.

12. White Orchid

If you want something truly classic and romantic, then you can opt for white orchids. White orchids are known for their immense beauty, refinement, timeless elegance, and can symbolize purity and innocence.

White orchids can sometimes be costly, as they are rare and hard to come across. So, if you want white orchids at your wedding, then it will be expensive! 

Orchids typically see leaf growth in summer and fall, with a bloom spike in the late fall, blooming fully in early spring.

However, once they do, they can bloom for several months before they wilt. Therefore, they are a great option for a white wedding flower.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, there are so many options out there when it comes to finding the perfect white wedding flowers.

Whether you prefer roses, carnations, tulips or smaller flowers like lilies of the valley, we can help you find beautiful flowers that you may not have even seen before with this list! 

White wedding flowers are a wonderful choice as they go with any color scheme, and can provide a sophisticated, elegant, and timeless look that all can adore. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more queries about white wedding flowers, then you can find the answers in this section! 

What Are The Most Expensive White Wedding Flowers?

Peonies are considered one of the most expensive white wedding flowers because they have a short blooming season, and they take a long time to mature.

White peonies are also often more costly than other varieties, so these can be more expensive to purchase. 

What Are The Most Beautiful White Flowers?

This is subject to preference. However, the most beautiful and popular white flowers in the world are roses, lilies, calla lilies, orchids, tulips, hibiscus and carnations.

These are some of the most wanted white flowers for bridal bouquets and wedding decorations. 

What Flowers For A Happy Marriage?

Flowers have many different meanings. If you are looking for white flowers that can symbolize a happy marriage, then you should consider peonies.

Their fluffy petals and bold look is what draws many couples to choosing these flowers as part of their wedding plans. Peonies look amazing in a bouquet and they represent a joyful marriage.

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