13 Beautiful Types Of Vine Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Perhaps you would love to add some flowering vines to your garden, or maybe you just saw some and are wondering what they are. Flowering vines are beautiful, they climb their surrounding landscapes and can make anything look like a fairy wonderland. 

13 Beautiful Types Of Vine Flowers You May Not Have Seen

There are many popular flowering vines, but not all are well known. They work beautifully in gardens, and most are very low maintenance, some even thrive on neglect. 

So many people all flowering vines to trellises, trees, hanging plant pots, and someplace them specifically to grow up the sides of their houses for a rustic, yet beautiful, natural look! 

As we all love these flowers so much, let’s take a look at some that you may not have seen or heard of before. If you are well-versed in the flower world, you may know some, but some of these may still surprise you! 

1. Clematis

The Clematis is a popular flowering vine, and there are so many varieties you can have fun with it. Different varieties of this flowering vine will bloom at different times of their growing season, some may bloom in spring, while others may bloom in fall. 

They produce showy flowers which can come in every color and form from deep purple to light pink. Some of their flowers are even scented, with a sweet aroma. 

It is said that clematis loves to have its head in the sun but its feet in the shade, so these flowering vines are best interplanted with low-growing perennials to keep the roots of this plant cool.

2. Sweet Pea (Lathyrus Odoratus)

This is an annual vine and a very popular favorite. It is a bit old-fashioned, adding cottage-styled charm to any hardening it is added to. They are also perfect for people who want to add some flowering vines to their gardens but are not great at growing flowers.

They grow so easily from seed, the only consideration you must have is that they have to be planted in early spring, as soon as the soil outside is workable. Soaking the seeds overnight will also help them to germinate faster too! 

Sweet peas enjoy full sun, but much like our previous mention, they also enjoy their roots being in shade. So, it is ideal if you can plant annuals in front of them.

3. Climbing Rose (Rosa Setigera)

This is not a wine, per se. However, this is a gorgeous plant that your garden needs. These present quite a romantic scene and also add a flourish of pink to your garden. 

Most will bloom in late spring or early summer, however, many will bloom on and off throughout their growing season. Also, it is worth noting that many varieties of this plant exist, so it is always worthwhile checking which is best for where you live. 

4. Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea Petiolaris)

Hydrangeas are a much-loved plant as it is, however, these shade-loving vines add some beautiful white flowers to your space all summer long. 

Their vines do get rather heavy, so it is wise to provide them with a sturdy structure against a building to help them grow, or you could let it ramble over a fence too!

They are slow growing, so you should be patient, as it can take them years to fully establish themselves before you get wowed by their beauty! 

5. Black-Eyed Susan Vines (Thunbergia Alata)

These very pretty plants have dark, charming flowers. Their center is dark, while their petals can be pink, apricot, white, or sunny yellow. They are not always vine-growers, but some can be. 

They look stunning on a trellis, or in containers. These Black-eyed Susan vines are also considered to be annual growers in a majority of climates across the US. That being said, in some warmer areas, they are considered to be perennial.

6. Mandevilla

These are one of our favorite lesser-known flowering vines. They produce red, pink, or white blossoms that can be up to several inches wide and grace the glossy foliage of this beautiful tropical plant. 

This plant adores the full sun, however, in hot climates, it does benefit from a bit of afternoon shade as well. Be sure to keep it watered, and if you do, this plant will bloom for you all season! 

Always check the plant tag when you buy one of these, as some bushes are not vines. 

In many areas this plant is seen as an annual grower, yet, in warmer areas of the country it can be evergreen. You could also bring it indoors during the winter in cold areas, although this can quickly get messy! 

7. Trumpet Vine (Campsis Radicans)

These trumpet-shaded flowers will bloom all season long, and if you like birds, they also attract hummingbirds too! They are fast growers and love getting full sun, allowing them to also tolerate dry, hot soil! 

The native species is aggressive and is also considered invasive in some areas of the country.

It is best to keep the trumpet vine potted to contain its spread, or even look for less aggressive options, such as the Campsis grandiflora, or a hybrid such as the Campsis x tagliabuana, as these are better-behaving species and less invasive.

8. Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasminoides)

These plants are beautiful and interesting to look at. They have tiny cream-yellow flowers that are shaped like pinwheels. They also smell divine, having an intoxicatingly sweet aroma. 

They are known for looking gorgeous on arbors or fences, however, they also look incredibly beautiful as ground cover or as planters. 

These plants enjoy full sun to part sun, and in warm regions, they are perennial growers.

9. Bougainvillea 

These are gorgeous deep red perennial vines that have red bracts or fuchsia, adding a dramatic accent to an arbor or pergola. They love to grow in full sun also. 

They work well as a striking ground cover. It is also evergreen in frost-free areas of the country as well! 

10. Trumpet Honeysuckle (Lonicera Sempervirens)

Trumpet honeysuckle is known for being very hardy. These vines house glamorous tubular flowers which hummingbirds and other pollinators adore!

If you keep to the native variety, known as Lonicera Sempervivens, or the Dutch honeysuckle known as Lonicera Pericylmenum, this is best. 

Avoid the invasive species of this plant, Japanese honeysuckle, or Lonicera Japonica, as this will quickly take over your whole yard, and not in a way that looks pretty! 

11. American Bittersweet (Celastrus Scandens)

This flowering vine is famous for its blooming with ornamental berries in the fall, many decorators also use this aspect of the plant for fall arrangements. 

These plants don’t mind the shade, but if it is planted in a sunny area they will produce more flowers and fruits.

One benefit of these vines is just how easy they are to grow, making them ideal for beginner gardeners, and those who are not so handy with a green thumb! 

However, on the downside, these plants are toxic to dogs and even to humans, if consumed then those who have done so may experience diarrhea and stomach upset. 

12. Bleeding Heart Vine (Dicentra Scandens)

The Bleeding Heart Vine gained its name due to its production of flowers shaped like hearts. This vine is the climbing version of the better-known Bleeding Heart. 

It grows at a fairly steady pace and will often reach its matured size in 2 months or so. However, if the plant gets an overabundance of sunlight, it may disappear until the spring. 

Its yellow perennial flowers are very attention-grabbing and will brighten up any space!

13. Blue Moon Kentucky Wisteria (Wisteria Macrostachya)

Kentucky Wisteria is a gorgeous blooming vine, it blooms glamorous showy flowers that range from light shades to darker shades of lavender, depending on the season.

The flowers will also drape in gorgeous chains which will help gardens and homes with eye-catching landscaping. 

You could drape a pergola, or fence with this wisteria to add extra shades of gorgeous, and vibrancy to the outdoor areas of your home.

It blooms in the latter part of spring, although it can take a couple of seasons to show any flowers. It is also well known as a hardy plant that will easily withstand any temperature drops. It will surely survive year-round, making it ideal for many gardens.

To Conclude

These are 13 vine flowers you may not have seen before, some are quite common in some areas, but if you are new to the beauty that vine flowers can bring so many of these are ideal, as they are hardy and easy to grow. 

A majority of these plants love full sun but will require shade at their base, so make sure you have an optimal place to plant them before you go out and buy any!

Also, keep an eye out for any of these you see, they are beautiful and worth taking a moment to appreciate.

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