25 Types Of Red Wildflowers Found In The United States

Heading out into the wide world and discovering all of the many types of flowers there are out there to see is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures.

25 Types Of Red Wildflowers Found In The United States

There are so many unique types of flowers that all look distinct from one another, and all need different environments and conditions in order to thrive.

As such, you are probably here because you are on the lookout for some of the United States’ best red wildflowers that you can go and discover today.

But what are the best red wildflowers that you can see? Why don’t you join us today to take a look and find out? Down below, we will take you through 25 of the very best red wildflowers that you can find in the United States. So let’s get to it!

1 – Indian Paintbrush

When you feast your eyes on this flower, you won’t have much trouble understanding how it was able to earn its incredible name. 

The petals that branch out from this plant have a shape that is remarkably reminiscent of a paintbrush head, which helps to make the flower look so amazing. 

It’s a real delight to spot this flower while out and about because of its fiery red color which draws the eye. If you want to spot them, make sure to keep your eyes peeled in open fields of tall grass!

2 – Pitcher Plant

These are incredibly common and very iconic plants that you will recognize thanks to their distinct shape. The large mouths of these flowers makes them almost look like a pitcher, hence the name. 

These plants are interesting because they feed on a diet of insects and even small animals like frogs and lizards. 

3 – Trumpet Honeysuckle

These fiery flowers are interesting because of the unique red and yellow color that they don. The red very effortlessly blends into yellow towards the tips of the flowers, which helps to create a really unique and sunny look.

The trumpet-shaped petals are incredibly attractive to hummingbirds that can dig their beaks right in. Contained within the trumpet petals are some red berries with a sweet taste, helping to feed local bird populations. 

This is a great plant to grow in your garden because it does not grow to be too large, but still has plenty of personality to draw the eye!

4 – Woodland Pinkroot

We love the trumpet shaped flowers of this plant that point directly up, creating a pleasant image to enjoy. This is a great flower to care for within your home, as it is very self-sustaining, and can survive in most conditions.

This plant is also one of the reddest we have ever seen. The bulbs have an incredible richness to them that makes them amazing to behold.

The yellow middle blooms out from the center of each flower creating a great vibrant firework look!

5 – Coralbean

We just cannot get over how amazing this flower looks. The petals of this flower are long and smooth looking and have a unique shape that perhaps suggests how it was able to earn its name. 

The petals are totally irresistible to hummingbirds yet again because they are very long, and thus they are able to host some delicious red berries for birds to munch on!

6 – Scarlet Bee Balm 

This is a native flower in the United States, and true to its name it is very attractive to bees who are able to really get to work on pollinating when these flowers are in bloom. 

The blooms atop the flowers are very bright and red and are a great source of nectar. If you want to attract more bees to your garden, then this is a flower that you are going to want to plant plenty of. 

They not only look good, but do good for your whole garden!

7 – Wax Mallow

Hummingbirds thrive off of this plant thanks to the fact that it contains a large amount of pollen to spread around. This makes it another great wildflower to try and implement into your garden. 

The blooms of this flower look very similar to those found on hibiscus flowers, so it can make a great alternative for that plant!

8 – Scarlet Gilia

Another flower with trumpet-shaped petals that are great for hummingbirds is the Scarlet Gilia. We simply love the way this common flower looks, and the slightly sharper end points as the petals of the trumpets spread out.

This creates the look of vibrant fireworks. This flower is also commonly known as the ‘Skyrocket’, and it isn’t particularly difficult to see exactly why! 

9 – Blanket Flower

We simply had to add this flower to this list. This annual flower looks simply resplendent and is easily one of the best-looking flowers we have ever seen. 

From the center of the flower an intense red blooms out, until, at the tips of the petals, the color quickly hues towards yellow. This gives the flower a great circular look that is just so charming.

It’s hard to look away from these flowers when you see them, as the circular shape easily draws your eye into the center. 

These flowers bloom en masse, and it is likely that you will spot them blooming amongst hundreds of other flowers of its type, creating a whole bed of amazing-looking flowers! 

10 – Wine Cup 

The magenta-red color of wine cup flowers makes them totally memorable. Once you’ve laid your eyes on these flowers yourself you won’t soon find yourself forgetting about them.

The tall petals reach upward from the center of the flower and hold close together, creating a cup-like shape that explains its name. 

The white spot at the center of these red flowers helps to complete the look.

11 – Scarlet Beardtongue

The rich scarlet hues of this flower help to give it an almost romantic and classical look that helps to make it one of our absolute favorites on this list.

The stems of these flowers are around 6 feet tall, and the blossoming cups that blossom out help to add a great sense of flair to the flowers.

The blossoms tend to point upwards which creates a truly pleasant and heavenly look to the ensemble of flowers on the stems. 

12 – Trumpet Creeper

These flowers are a great one to keep a lookout for, because they are able to grow even in slightly more inhospitable environments. This makes them also great to grow in your home or in your garden.

Just make sure to be aware of the fact that these flowers grow very quickly and in abundance. The trumpets themselves can become very big, which can make them totally a sight to behold.

Just be sure to prune the plant plenty so that the flowers do not over grow!

13 – Wood Lily

What makes these amazing red flowers unique is that they are surrounded on all sides by very large marbled green leaves that help to make the rich red coloring all the more vibrant.

Try smelling this flower yourself, it smells almost like fresh bananas! 

14 – Tropical Sage

You’ll most likely find this beautiful flower growing deep within the woods and in undisturbed fields, left to grow to its full height. 

The flowers themselves blossom on long stems, and they almost create a cluster-like look that is totally irresistible. This flower looks great in its natural environment, but can also be a perfect one to add to your garden or to your flower beds. 

These flowers actually bloom a lot longer than many other flowers on this list, making them easy to spot!

15 – Woodland Pinkroot 

This flower is amazing because it looks totally ornamental, which can make it totally special to see it growing in its natural habitat.

If you want to see this flower in the wild, you will want to check around moist areas and woods, as well as streambeds and ravines, as those spaces have plenty of moisture which these plants require in order to bloom to their full potential. 

The trumpet-shaped flowers help to create this iconic look.

16 – Painted Leaf

The shape of this flower is what helps to make it so amazing. The actual flowers themselves are actually the small yellow and green buds found at the very center.

The red part of this flower comes from the painted look found on the leaves that surround it. The red blotches on the green leaves look almost painterly and magical.

We love this flower, and we couldn’t resist the chance to add it to this list so that you could all behold it yourselves!

17 – Scarlet Rose Mallow

These big flowers are a total favorite amongst gardeners, and when you look at the shape and size of them, it really should come as no surprise that this flower is so popular.

The five-petalled shape of the flowers is stunning, as each petal is very wide, but each of the petals leads back towards the center in a star-like shape that points back to the white center of the flower. It’s a work of art in an all-natural form.

18 – Scarlet Creeper

This is another wildflower that is great to add to your garden if you are looking for some trumpet shapes that aren’t too big!

However, you need to make sure to prune this plant regularly, because the plant itself can very quickly become invasive, as it is a creeping plant that seeks to climb up things like walls, fences, and trees.

19 – Prairie Smoke

If you want to see one of the most unique wildflowers that is relatively common in the United States, then definitely check out the Prairie Smoke.

This amazing flower truly earns its name thanks to its fuzzy and hazy look thanks to the thin tendrils that reach out from the head. 

20 – Spotted Coralroot

Spotted coralroot is a plant that doesn’t produce any leaves, and instead gathers much of its energy from fungi that can be found near the plant’s roots.

This makes this flower incredibly unique. While it may not be easy to grow at home, it is a total joy to spot while out and about!

21 – Toadshade Trillium 

This is another small red flower bud that is surrounded by large green leaves, but unlike other similar plants, the flower itself is slightly larger, which makes the red appear even more incredible against the earthy green notes that surround it. 

22 – Cardinal Flower

The cardinal flower grows at a great height directly from the ground, sprouting out of long stems that are adorned with countless leaves.

These flowers can be a great way to add a little bit of decoration to small patches of your garden. The red flowers themselves are very small, but they are bunched together perfectly. 

23 – Fire Pink

If you want to see a red flower that seems to burn with a passionate red, then this is the flower that you have been looking for. 

Fire Pink is a flower native to the United States, and its simple star shape is made more amazing by the flared ends of the petals.

24 – Red Trillium

This is one of our favorite flowers on this list. The three red petals are contrasted by the three green leaves that poke out just behind it, creating the best look ever. 

25 – Columbine

The Red Columbine is a drooping bell-shaped flower that can most commonly be spotted in woodlands but can also be found in many tended gardens where they can grow very effectively. 

These flowers are particularly attractive to bees and hummingbirds, so it can be very worth planting them throughout! 

To Wrap Up

There we have it! Those are just a few of the very best red wildflowers that you can spot across the United States. These flowers look totally incredible, which makes them worth keeping your eyes open for as you explore the country. 

You also don’t need to worry, because each of these flowers is incredibly easy to spot and very common, making them perfect for hunting down!

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