12 Beautiful Types Of Black Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Black flowers have a certain elegance but are not easy to find. While most flowers have bright colors, black flowers are known for their rarity.

12 Beautiful Types Of Black Flowers You May Not Have Seen

You may not have seen these flowers, so we’re here to help you find the 12 most beautiful types of black flowers worldwide. 

Whether you want to know more about different shades of black flowers or add more to your garden, we have a selection of 12 flowers you’ve never seen before. 

1. Bat Orchid

The bat orchid, or the black bat flower, was given its name due to its black bat-shaped flowers. These flowers can grow up to 12 inches across, and the bat orchid also has long whiskers that can grow up to 28 inches. 

While you won’t wander across the bat orchid in America, if you’re traveling around Southeast Asia, you’ll find them in forests and valleys.

It is particularly prevalent in Thailand, Malaysia, and southern China, but you’ll also find bat orchids in other southeast Asian countries.

2. Black Iris

The black iris is the national flower of Jordan, and it is a deep purple color that is almost completely black. You can find them growing up to 14 inches tall, with a diameter that varies between 2.7 and 5.9 inches.

Officially, their scientific name is Iris nigricans, but some may also get confused between the other irises native to Jordan.

Overall, 8 species are native to Jordan, with 3 of them also being black. However, the black iris is one of the rarest flowers in the world.

These include the Petra iris, named for the historical city, the Judean Iris, and the Coastal iris. All of these are commonly found in Jordan, and throughout most desert regions in Israel. 

3. Black Hollyhock

Black hollyhocks are known for their height, growing to 6 feet or more. It’s originally from China, but you can also grow them in gardens around the world.

It has coarse leaves and usually has double or semi-double flowers. However, the black version usually has single flowers. 

Hollyhocks can be found in a variety of different colors, with the black hollyhock only being one of many. The flowers have a funnel shape that grows 4 inches across and has a bright yellow throat.

These are popular in the summer and can attract hummingbirds to your garden too. 

4. Black Petunia

The black petunia has been steadily growing popular due to its deep purple, almost black, color. It goes by many names, with it also being known as the black mamba petunia. It originated in South America, but it has become popular worldwide in recent years.

While it originated from South America, it doesn’t mean it got its color naturally. Black petunias are a hybrid plant that’s been genetically combined with other flowers. 

Black petunias can grow up to 12 inches, and it’s produced from cuttings. However, different varieties of black petunia have been grown by private gardeners. These varieties go by different names but are all similar to the original. 

5. Black Calla Lily

The black calla lily is a flower that grows in the eastern Mediterranean and originates from the regions around Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. It has a dark purple color that makes it appear as though it is black.

It grows best in the fall and winter months but is known to enjoy exposure to sunlight.

Compared to other flowers, it has a pungent scent of rotting fruit to attract flies, which are its main pollinators. The black calla lily is actually toxic to humans.

Still, if you cook the leaves, they have actually been used in Middle Eastern diets. In fact, they are also used in Middle Eastern herbal medicines. 

6. Hellebores

The black hellebore, or the Helleborus Dark and Handsome, is an almost black flower with dark purple petals. Despite being a type of buttercup, they closely resemble wild roses.

The leaves have a dark, leathery appearance and commonly blossom from midwinter through to early spring. They usually grow up to 9 to 12 inches and are also a common sight in gardens. 

Sometimes, they’re called Christmas or Lenten roses due to blooming around Christmas time. However, there is another reason for their nickname, as there is a popular legend that they bloomed outside the stable in Bethlehem.

However, they aren’t native to this area, but it’s a fun legend as another take on their name. 

7. Pansy

Of all the flowers on this list, the black pansy has petals with a true shade of black. These black pansies are incredibly popular and usually emerge in the early spring once they’ve been planted.

While it might not have the same color as other daisies, it’s a beautiful flower with a 2-inch bloom. It stands out among other pansies, and because of that, you can find them all around the US. 

Generally, these black pansies have a maximum growth between 4 and 6 inches. While they may not seem like it, these pansies thrive in full sunlight and cool climates.

They tend not to grow as well if they’re always in shadow, but they can be moved into the shadow if the temperature is above 80°F. 

8. Penny Blacks

Despite its name, the penny black isn’t as dark as its name suggests. It has deep purple petals with a white trim on the edges. These beautiful flowers grow on long stems, where each stem produces a bloom.

They often grow up to 8 inches tall, with a width of 12 inches overall. 

These solitary flowers are common in gardens, as they’re easy to grow and typically bloom in the summer. They grow best in sunlight and enjoy a little bit of shade too.

They’re surprisingly simple to grow, and if you’re looking for a darker garden aesthetic, they’re a perfect fit. 

9. Black Tulips

Black tulips are incredibly rare and have been sought by horticulturalists for centuries. It has been a source of inspiration for many, including Alexandre Dumas.

With centuries of attempts being made, gardeners have come closer than ever to finding the legendary flower. While we don’t have truly black tulips, we’ve definitely come close.

There are numerous varieties of black tulips, including Queen of the Night, Black Parrot, and Black Hero. Many black tulips have a dark eggplant color that is so deep that it’s almost black.

While they don’t naturally grow in the wild, you can purchase seeds for these black tulips. 

10. Black Barlow Columbine

The Black Barlow Columbine has deep-purple petals that almost look black. They flower in the early summer and fully bloom later in the season. We find that they grow between 24 and 30 inches tall, and they do best in the sun or partly in the shade. 

You’ll find that they regularly attract many insects to pollinate from, and hummingbirds too. They are an excellent addition to a bright garden as they offer a significant contrast to your other flowers.

11. Persian Lily

Persian lilies grow so they look like they’re hanging upside down, giving them a bell-like appearance. They usually appear in shades of deep-violet that appear almost black in color. They can grow up to 3 or 4 feet tall, and aren’t difficult to grow either.

They grow best when they’re covered in sunlight, and it’s best if they’re planted in the autumn months so they can bloom in spring. We recommend putting them in the back row of any garden bed. 

12. Dark Dimension Hyacinths

These black-colored hyacinths are known as the “Dark Dimension” which is as dramatic as their appearance. They appear in clusters of a deep purple almost black flower, and can grow up to a mature height of 10 or 12 inches. 

Dark Dimension hyacinths are a great addition to any garden which is going for a dramatic aesthetic. They add mystery to your garden, and they’ll attract plenty of pollinating insects with their fresh scent. 


While there aren’t many naturally black flowers in the world, there are many dark flowers that come close to black. These can look beautiful regardless of whether you want a gothic-themed garden or more variety to your colors.

There are so many different flowers you can choose, and not all of them have to be brightly colored.

If you’d like to know more about the different types of flowers you can find, feel free to check out the rest of our website. We’ll show you a wide variety of flowers to inspire you to add more to your garden. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Naturally Black Flowers?

There are no flowers that are naturally black, but there are flowers that come close. They usually have a dark-purple hue that gives them an almost-black appearance.

What Is The Blackest Flower?

The blackest flower is the black petunia. The Black Velvet petunia was invented in 2010, and it’s incredibly popular among gardeners. It has a beautiful dark shade, and it is actually a popular gift for mothers on Mother’s Day in Europe and South America. 

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