14 Beautiful Types Of Lilies Flowers You May Not Have Seen

When someone asks you to think of a lily, most people will imagine the common Madonna Lily, which is a trumpet-shaped pure white flower. However, there are many more different types of varieties of lilies out there.

14 Beautiful Types Of Lilies Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Thus, lilies don’t have to be plain white, but you need to keep an eye out for some of these more uncommon varieties. 

We have done all the hard work for you, as we have created this simple guide to showcase the 14 most beautiful types of lily flowers that you may not have seen before. 

1. Lilium Pardalinum (Leopard Lily)

A native of the Pacific Coast region of North America, the leopard lily can be found between California and Oregon. The tall stems are adorned with pendant blossoms that hang cheerily like miniature lanterns. 

Orange-red petals with a golden yellow core make up the eye-catching petals. Its common name comes from the smattering of darker specks on the golden parts of this lovely flower.

L. pardalinum thrives in partial shade. If given a few years to grow on their own, the flower spikes, which can grow up to six feet tall, will naturally group together.

2. Lilium Auratum (Golden-Rayed Lily)

This wild Japanese lily has amazing, wide-open blooms that can sometimes measure 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Each of the delicate white petals has a central yellow stripe that gives the flower a magnificent star-like appearance.

While some kinds have subtler pink tones spread throughout each petal, the majority contain a scattering of tiny dark dots.

Since L. auratum dislikes lime, it will grow better in a border planted in neutral or acidic soil. This type of lily also performs well in containers. Everyone appreciates the lovely aroma this lily produces. 

3. Lilium Canadense (Canada Lily)

This North American plant is also referred to as a “Meadow Lily” or a “Canada Lily.” L. canadense is a true veteran because it has been grown for more than 400 years!

Some lilies, especially L. canadense, exhibit the unusual stoloniferous bulb type. This demonstrates that shoots grow from the bulb’s base rather than its top for a few inches.

New bulbs grow at the ends of these stalks, which helps new flowers to develop. 

L. canadense is an elegant and charming type of lily. The centers of the dangling yellow blossoms are gently freckled with orange-brown dots, and they have sharply pointed tips that sweep out and upwards.

4. Lilium Starlette (Starlette Lily)

You will be attracted to Starlette’s lush, two-tone blooms, which have stunning ruby red petals and vibrant orange tips and throats.

Starlette is a vigorous early to mid-summer flower that reaches between three and four feet tall on sturdy stalks. This plant will make a striking statement in any garden. 

These are quite large blooms which are highly fragrant as well. Hence, you may be able to smell these flowers, before you see them. 

5. Lilium ‘Golden Splendor’

Giant yellow blooms of exquisite beauty are produced by Golden Splendor lilies. The buds are a subdued purple color, which harmonizes wonderfully with the golden blossoms.

Golden Splendor stems can grow as tall as four feet, and like other trumpet hybrids, the flowers have a captivating scent.

Considering that these hybrids are hardy plants, you won’t need to worry about them in adverse weather conditions. These lilies should do well, except if they are planted in freezing locations.

6. Lilium Martagon (Martagon Lily)

Given its propensity to “go native” and establish itself over an extended period of time, Lilium Martagon is one of the many plants that gardeners adore. Moreover, it is among a handful of lily species that actually prefers light shade.

Although it also comes in an albino white version, the original L. martagon has a gentle purple to pink tint. The pendant blossoms are shaped like a Turk’s cap and hang downward before curling completely around to touch the flower’s base. 

The flowers frequently have freckles, and there is little foliage. However, the numerous flowers more than make up for this.

7.  Lily Elodie

Elodie is a double-layered candy-pink flower that exudes elegance and beauty thanks to the center’s scattering of dark dots. Its center is filled with numerous extra rows of petals, giving it a gorgeous appearance.

This cultivar is ideal for small gardens and containers.

The flowers are also pollen-free, making them perfect for arrangements with cut flowers. This exotic flower is allergy free and has a faint aroma, which is great if you have allergies. It is extremely resilient and will keep coming back year after year.

8. Lilium Landini (Black Lily)

This flower produces the deepest, and longest-lasting red blooms, which are almost black in certain lights. When the regal red buds open, a substantial trumpet-shaped bloom in burgundy crimson is revealed. 

The plant produces blooms that are 14 to 16 cm wide and does well in full sun to light shade. This magnificent bloom will undoubtedly give floral arrangements a stunning appearance. 

While this type of lily makes a great option to grow, it is almost impossible to find this type of lily in the wild. 

9. Rosella’s Dream Lily

This charming blossom is pale pink with deeper pink borders and tips that blend into the base, which is speckled with white. It looks even more lovely because the nectar is surrounded by spots on the petals that are randomly distributed. 

This lily flower is a perennial bulb with lustrous, deep-green, velvety leaves. It is known to be one of the first flowers to blossom in your garden. 

10. Lilium Henryi (Henry’s Lily)

You will receive dozens of stunning, orange blossoms from Henry’s Lily. Each one has a lovely texture and is covered in a thick design of raised red bumps.

The sturdy stems grow at an angled slant, and the petals curl backward in the traditional Turk’s Cap shape, attempting to touch the stalks. 

Henry’s Lily works especially well in gardens with a casual or natural look. It is highly resilient and has a long lifespan, but its adaptability to soil type is its most valuable quality.

11. Lilium Bulbiferum (Fire Lily)

The southern European Alps are where the Fire Lily variety was first spotted growing.  

Although the Fire Lily only grows to a height of 30 inches, the blooms are magnificent. Enormous, wide bowl-shaped flowers with a vivid tangerine orange hue can be seen in the early summer.

There are deeper, chocolate-colored dots all around the petals. Due to the numerous little bulbs that develop between the leaf and stem, this plant is also extremely simple to propagate.

12. Brindisi Lily

The pink hybrid lily named Brindisi has sizable buds. This flower bears the name of the Italian harbor city of Brindisi. The Brindisi lily is a dominant and bold plant in the garden.

These deep, medium-pink blossoms have a highly alluring appearance and will undoubtedly draw more attention to your garden. White and pink flowers with silky green foliage creates a simple but pretty looking plant. 

It flowers annually in late June or early July and has a light aroma. On each stem, the plant produces two to four blooms. The flower is incredibly simple to grow and needs little upkeep.

13. Yellow Diamond Lily

Each year between June and July, the flower known as “yellow diamond” blooms. When the bulb blooms, it produces strong, golden petals with a beautiful orange tinge.

Inside the base of the petals, the bloom has rusty red colored freckles. Rusty colored pollen is on top of the yellow stamen, which attracts pollinators to it.

These vibrant lily flowers, can add a real hit of color to your garden. 

14. African Blue Lily

These flamboyant perennials, which are endemic to Southern Africa, possess an odd beauty. Evergreen foliage provided the support for these vibrant blue lilies. Various heads of lilies will grow out from one stem, to produce a small cluster of lilies. 

Encompassing spikes of deep blue (or, sporadically, white) blooms appear in the middle of the summer. This is a really lovely plant that needs shelter from heavy frost. It can grow to a height of about 12″. The flower spikes reach a height of about 4 feet. 

They are happy in a variety of soil conditions, however, because they expand, space the plants 3 feet apart or more.

Final Thoughts

Lilies are a fantastic choice of flowers, due to their large and usually fragrant blooms. While most people imagine white lilies when they picture lilies, there is a broad range of options out there to keep in mind.

I hope you have found this article interesting. We have supplied you with 14 beautiful types of lilies that you may not have come across before.

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