9 Beautiful Types Of Corsage Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Corsages are such a beautiful gift to give to your partner when there is a formal event coming up. They can be a perfect surprise and a great way for you and your partner to match. But the best corsages will be totally unique and special to you. 

9 Beautiful Types Of Corsage Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Most corsages will use standard flowers, such as roses or lilies. But if you want something special, then there are lots of other flowers that you can use in a corsage. Flowers that you have likely never seen before. 

In this guide, we have compiled a list of 9 of the most beautiful types of corsage flowers that you may not have seen before.

These flowers are totally unique and perfect for adding to a corsage if you want one that is unlike any other corsages out there. So read on to find out more! 

1. Cymbidium Orchid

The first flower that we would recommend considering adding to a corsage is the Cymbidium orchid. A cymbidium orchid is a truly beautiful flower, and it is guaranteed to elevate your outfit when it is added to your corsage. 

When you first consider buying a corsage, you might not consider choosing one that contains an orchid. But we’re certain that the Cymbidium orchid will change your mind.

These purple-tinted flowers are totally unique and beautiful, and they can help create a truly unique corsage.

If you want to buy your partner a corsage that is filled with purple and pink tones, then a Cymbidium orchid is a great flower to add to the mix. This flower is totally unique, so you should definitely consider it!

2. Button Poms

Another beautiful flower to consider adding to your corsage is a Button Pom. Despite their unique name, Button Poms are truly beautiful, and they are actually a type of mini chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are fairly common flowers for corsages, but Button Poms are not so much. These flowers don’t often feature on corsages, but when they do, they are utterly beautiful.

They add the perfect finishing touch to a corsage which is why we love them so much. 

If you want a totally different corsage, we would recommend using Button Poms instead of regular chrysanthemums. Button poms really are great flowers, so be sure to check them out!

3. Calla Lily

Lilies are sometimes used in corsages, but the Calla Lily isn’t used in corsages too often. That being said, this type of lily is absolutely perfect for a corsage. That is why you should really check these flowers out. 

Calla Lilies have a unique appearance. They are not like regular lilies, and this is mainly because they are native to South Africa. Calla Lilies are a lot rarer in the US, but they are still grown here.

Their tubular shape is beautiful, and it makes for a very unique corsage. 

Flowers such as calla lilies really need to be at the center of any floral arrangement they feature in. That is why they work so well in a corsage. So definitely give them a try!

4. Lisianthus

Another brilliant flower to consider for your corsage is a Lisianthus. While the name of this flower might not be the most beautiful, this flower itself is. That is why it works so well for a corsage!

The lisianthus is such a stunning flower because it has such a full bloom. This flower isn’t sparse, it is very full and that is why it can really bulk out your corsage.

Just a couple of Lisianthus flowers will add the finishing touches to your corsage. That is why they are sometimes used in this type of floral arrangement. 

Corsages should be simple and elegant, and this description could easily be used to describe a Lisianthus flower. That is why it works so well in a corsage.

5. Modern Succulents

One of the last flowers that you might consider adding to your corsage is a succulent. But you will be surprised to hear that they actually work really well in corsages. That is assuming that you are talking about modern succulents. 

Modern succulents are truly beautiful. While not all modern succulents will be suitable for use in a corsage, there are lots of examples that are perfect for this job.

If you are somebody who loves cacti and succulents, then what better way to complement your outfit than with a corsage made entirely of modern succulents?

If you are looking for flowers to create a green corsage, then modern succulents really are the best flower for the job. Be sure to check them out! 

6. Wax Flower

Another outstanding flower to use in a corsage is a wax flower. Wax flowers are a unique type of flower, and they often feature in bouquets because they can really bulk out a bouquet. These small and delicate flowers also work incredibly well in a corsage. 

If you want a delicate corsage, then this type of flower is perfect for the job. While they will not work well in a corsage on their own, wax flowers will work very well when combined with other flowers.

They pair well with pale flowers to make a light-colored corsage that will add a finishing touch to your outfit, and are truly stunning. 

Wax flowers are perfect for anyone who loves simple flowers. They aren’t flashy, instead, they are very understated. So, if you are looking for a flower to use in a corsage then we would recommend wax flowers!

7. Ranunculus

This next flower doesn’t have the prettiest name, but Ranunculus are very beautiful flowers. Ranunculus is a type of buttercup, however, they are very different from the yellow buttercups that you typically associate with that name.

Instead, they have very full blooms and come in several different colors. 

If you want flowers that will work well when combined with other flowers in a corsage, it is a Ranunculus flower that we would suggest. These flowers are simple yet beautiful and great for achieving a full look.

When combined with other small flowers, they really can make a stunning corsage. 

The best thing about this type of flower is that they come in lots of different colors, so you will easily be able to find a color appropriate for your corsage. So you should definitely consider them!

8. Spray Roses

As we said earlier, roses appear pretty often in corsages, but if you are looking for something a little more delicate than a full rose, we would recommend using spray roses.

Spray roses are smaller and lighter, which is why they are perfect for a corsage. 

Just like roses, spray roses come in a wide variety of different colors which is why they work so well in corsages. You can get lots of different colors of spray roses which is why they are very appropriate for lots of different color corsages.

So, if you are thinking of making a couple, these are the flowers we would recommend choosing. 

Designing a corsage isn’t the easiest task, but spray roses are really easy to work with, and they are pretty much designed to be used in corsages.

Their small size makes them perfect for the job, and they work very well with a mix of flowers too. That is why you should consider using these flowers in your corsage!

9. Brunia Berries

Finally, let’s wrap this up by talking about Brunia berries. The name “Brunia Berries” might be a little confusing as you might expect this to include the use of actual berries in your corsage.

However, this isn’t actually the case, instead, Brunia berries are actually plants. 

These flowers do not have blooms, at least not in the traditional sense. Unlike roses, they haven’t got petals that look delicate as they open. Instead, they have blooms that look very much like berries.

So, they will not be the best choice for the central flower in your corsage. However, they can work very well when mixed with larger blooms. 

We love the use of Brunia berries in a corsage when they are combined with larger flowers, such as roses, lilies, or chrysanthemums.

Brunia berries can really add to the corsage in the same way that wax flowers can, and they will really finish off the whole design. So, even if you haven’t seen these flowers before, you should consider adding them to your corsage!


In this guide, we have taken a look at 9 of the most beautiful types of corsage flowers that you may not have seen before.

There are lots of different types of corsage flowers to choose from, but the ones that we have included in this guide are truly some of the most unique options out there. 

So, if you want to make a corsage that is totally unique and different from the standard corsages that you buy in the store, you are in the right place. Check out the guide above for 9 unique and beautiful corsage flowers to add to your corsage. 

Thanks for reading!

Diane Peirce

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