10 Beautiful Types Of Cut Flowers You May Not Have Seen

There is nothing quite like a freshly cut bunch of flowers to display in your home. Cut flowers can really brighten up the space and totally transform a room.

The only thing better than adding some cut flowers to your house is if you add cut flowers that you have grown yourself to the space. 

10 Beautiful Types Of Cut Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Lots of people grow flowers in their gardens, but one thing that a lot of people have started to do is grow gardens of flowers specifically to cut.

Cutting gardens are becoming increasingly popular across the world as they allow people to add unique cut flowers to their homes. With a cutting garden, you can create your own bouquets to really brighten up your house. 

If you want to make your own bouquets as unique as possible, then you are in the right place. Check out this guide for 10 of the most beautiful types of cut flowers you may not have seen before. Read on to find out more! 

1. Cosmos 

The first flower we would recommend adding to your cutting garden is cosmos. Cosmos flowers are truly beautiful, and they will look perfect in a bouquet in your home. 

If you love pink flowers, then you need to look no further than cosmos. Cosmos come in a variety of different shades of pink, all of which are bright and utterly beautiful.

These flowers are fairly hardy plants that are easy to grow. They will also bloom fairly quickly too, so you will be able to cut these flowers in no time. 

There are a couple of different colors of cosmos so you can easily use them to create a stunning bouquet of cut flowers.

These different colors will easily blend together to create a stunning bouquet, so you should definitely consider growing these flowers!

2. Veronica

Another truly stunning flower that you should consider growing in your garden is Veronicas (or Speedwells as they are sometimes known).

These flowers are totally unique and probably unlike any other flower you have seen before. That is why you should consider growing some. 

When cut, Veronica flowers look fantastic in a bouquet. They can really be the showstopper in your bouquet, and make your bouquet different from any that you see in a store. 

Just like cosmos, these flowers are also fairly straightforward to grow. They are totally trouble-free and do not need specific conditions to grow.

Of course, they will thrive in specific conditions, but regardless of the conditions, you will be able to grow beautiful Veronicas. So consider adding them to your garden. 

3. Ageratum

Another beautiful flower that we would recommend adding to your cutting garden is Ageratum. Ageratum is a beautiful flower that is perfect for cutting if you are interested in purple flowers.

Ageratum are totally unique blooms that we’re certain you’ve never seen before. They are so unlike any other flower we have looked at so far, and that is what makes them so perfect as cutting flowers.

They can totally transform a bouquet and take it to a whole new level. 

If you aren’t a keen gardener, then Ageratum is perfect for you. Just like the other flowers we have looked at so far, these flowers are really easy to grow from seeds.

They are usually started inside and then finished in the garden, and they will generally bloom towards the end of the summer. 

4. Echinacea

You might have heard of echinacea as these flowers are used to create echinacea oil. However, we would hazard a guess that you have never seen echinacea flowers before. That is because these flowers aren’t that common. 

While they might not be that common, these flowers are truly beautiful and they look amazing when cut. These flowers are perfect for filling out a bouquet, but they will also look brilliant as they grow in your garden too. 

The unique pink color of the petals of these flowers is breathtaking. They are perfect for bright bouquets and can almost look unnatural. The pink of the petals genuinely makes the flowers look like they could have been dyed.

But we promise you they are totally real, and super easy to grow too. So you should definitely check them out!

5. Jupiter’s Beard

Another flower that we would definitely recommend checking out is Jupiter’s Beard. Jupiter’s Beard is a very unique flower and brilliant for filling out bouquets. That is why you should definitely consider planting it in your garden. 

Just like its unusual name, Jupiter’s Beard is a very unique flower. This red-colored flower has lots of different shoots and petals, and it is a very full flower.

The flower blooms in a bush so it will make your garden look nice and full. This flower will also look just as beautiful when it is cut. 

When you throw together a bouquet of flowers you need a combination of different styles of flowers, and Jupiter’s Beard is perfect for filling in the gaps. It will help to bulk out your bouquet, and it is easy to grow too! 

6. Stokesia

If you are looking for flowers to grow in your garden that you can cut in the future, then you really need to consider Stokesia. Stokesia is another totally unique flower that works incredibly well in a bouquet.

If you love growing flowers, then this is definitely a flower you need to consider. 

Stokesias are brilliant flowers because they are super easy to grow. These flowers are perennials, and they grow in large amounts. That is what makes them so hardy.

For each seed you plant, you will grow lots of Stokesias, and that will allow you to add lots of flowers to bouquets around your house. 

With beautiful pink-purple flowers that will bloom in large amounts, there really isn’t any reason not to love Stokesia. That is why you should really plant them in your garden! 

7. Strawflower

Alternatively, if none of the flowers that we have looked at so far tickle your fancy, we would recommend checking out strawflowers.

Just like quite a lot of the flowers that we have looked at so far, strawflowers have a pink tone to their petals and this makes them truly beautiful. 

Strawflowers are sometimes known as everlasting flowers, and that is because they bloom for a very long time. They come in a variety of orange and pink tones and can be added to a bouquet in bulk. That is why they make such great cutting flowers. 

These flowers are really easy to grow and perfect for cutting. That is why you really need to add them to your garden.

8. Butterfly Weed

It’s totally understandable that you might be put off by the name of this flower, but when you see it, you will understand why it is on this list. Butterfly weed is truly beautiful and the perfect bloom to grow if you love cut flowers. 

Butterfly weed is a beautiful bright orange flower that is perfect for bulking out a bouquet of flowers. It adds a unique twist to a standard bouquet, and is perfect if you want your bouquet of flowers to be a little different.

Butterfly weed isn’t used in a lot of bouquets, and that is why we love it so much. 

There is a good chance that you have never seen butterfly weed before, but now that you have, we’re certain you’ll want to start growing it. So what are you waiting for? Start planting! 

9. Lupine

Another brilliant flower that doesn’t have the most appealing name is Lupine. But don’t let the name put you off, Lupine is a beautiful flower. If you loved Veronicas, then you’ll love Lupine. 

This flower is the perfect flower if you need a show-stopper for your bouquet. It is straightforward to grow and really easy to add to your garden. That is why you need to consider planting it! 

All the flowers in this guide have been excellent cutting flowers, and so is Lupine which is why you really need to plant it in your garden! 

10. Geum

Finally, let’s wrap this up with Geum. If you have loved all the orange flowers we have looked at so far, you really need to plant some Geum in your garden simply because it is one of the most beautiful orange flowers in the world. 

These delicate little flowers will work incredibly well in a bouquet because they are small. You can include lots of Geum flowers in your bouquets and it will really help to take them to the next level. 

So if you are looking for another flower that is easy to grow but totally beautiful, be sure to check out Geum. 


In short, there are lots of different beautiful cut flowers that you should consider planting if you want to make your own bouquets.

With a cutting garden, you can make your own totally unique bouquets, and the flowers in this guide will allow you to create bouquets that you have never seen before. 

We hope you have found this information helpful. Thank you for reading!

Diane Peirce

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