10 Best Bay Area Wildflowers To Spot On Your Next Adventure

The Bay Area of San Francisco is easily one of the most iconic areas in the Western United States. The beaches and the variety of amazing stores to visit make it a popular destination year after year.

10 Best Bay Area Wildflowers To Spot On Your Next Adventure

Some of the most popular attractions in the Bay Area are the numerous parks and nature walks that you can head out on to enjoy the beauty of nature that is in abundance in the area.

But when you are heading out for an adventure in the Bay Area, what are some of the best flowers that you should keep your eyes peeled for?

Want to see the best in nature that the Bay Area has to offer? Then make sure to read on down below because we have compiled a list of the 10 very best wildflowers that you can easily spot in the Bay Area of San Francisco! 

1. Blue Hound’s Tongue

Eagle-eyed explorers will easily spot these awesome flowers should they pay a visit to the Mount Burdell Open Space Preserve. 

The deep blue colors of these flowers are of a slightly lighter hue, but the veins that reach across the length and width of each of the petals are of a much darker hue, which creates this amazing contrast that explains why the flower has earned its highly specific and humorous name.

Towards the center of the flowers are dark blue patches that draw the eyes in, helping to make these pleasant flowers to look at while out and about.

The flowers themselves are rather small, so you could miss them, but once you spot them, it can be tough to pull your gaze away! 

2. California Poppies

California poppies are best known for boasting a rich yellow color that is easily reminiscent of sunlight, which helps to make these very popular flowers in the summertime.

The rich and soft texture of the poppies allows them to easily reflect light, which makes them look totally resplendent in the sunlight. 

The colors of California poppies are largely very solid, which helps to make them quickly recognizable, even from a distance. We absolutely love the large petals found on these flowers which, once again, helped them to look even more incredible shining in the sunlight! 

3. Owl’s Clover

We simply cannot get enough of the unique look of owl’s clover. These highly unique flowers are renowned for their purple color which is peppered with small accents of other complementary colors like white and yellow.

These flowers will catch your eye as soon as you see them, and they will easily delight your visual senses in no time. 

The petals of the owl’s clover spike directly up from the stems, creating a striking image, as each of the petals points outward from the central spear-like shape of the flower. 

4. California Sagebrush

These amazing shrubs are actually part of the sunflower family, and they reach a fairly immense 5 feet to 8 feet in height. This makes them immediately easy to spot even from a distance and makes them all the more incredible to see up close.

The leaves of these plants are very long, and have a rather hairy texture to them. The colors that they boast are also very interesting.

The leaves range from light green to a light gray color, which makes them amazing to look at. You can find yourself getting lost exploring the intricacies of the leaves of this plant. 

You might sometimes see these plants grown in backyards or public spaces because they have a great ornamental quality to them. 

Because they are so dense with leaves, when the sunlight shines through them, they almost look like they are glowing with an otherworldly light! 

5. Popcorn Flowers

When you see these flowers for yourself, you will have no trouble at all understanding how they were able to earn such a unique name.

The color of these flowers is truly beautiful. The petals are of a rich and pure white color, and the central area of each of the flowers has a rich yellow color. The petals themselves almost look like they have ‘popped’ from the center of the flowers, thanks to the slight curve of each of the petals.

We could not get enough of these amazing flowers every time we saw them. They look so totally adorable, and they actually grow in heavy abundance, so make sure to look out for them next time you are out and about in the Bay Area! 

6. Sticky Monkey Flower

These flowers grow perpendicular to their stems in vibrant and expressive blossoms that immediately catch the eye.

And if the look of these flowers is not enough to catch your attention, then the unique texture of the flowers certainly will! These flowers are coated in a natural sticky resin that helps to make them incredibly sticky to the touch. 

These flowers grow in abundance in warmer conditions, which makes them incredibly easy to spot throughout the Bay Area. The color of the flowers is almost reminiscent of the California sun, so it can be a lot of fun to head to these flowers to take some great summer photos to cherish! 

7. Paintbrush Flowers

True to their name, paintbrush flowers are best identified by their paintbrush-like shape. The petals point directly upward but have very smooth tips, which are, of course, very reminiscent of classic paint brushes.

We totally adore the red color of these flowers, and that same red color looks even more incredible in person. We strongly recommend taking a trip to the Mount Tamalpais State Park area where you can easily spot these flowers growing in abundance. 

Some paintbrush flowers can vary ever so slightly in color and shape, so make sure to keep your eyes carefully peeled to spot these and find something different everywhere you look! 

8. Douglas Irises

Iris Douglasiana are flowers that have a very light and subtle blue color that is fringed lightly by white colors that help to make the flowers look almost fantastical, as they take on a lavender hue that makes them very relaxing to look at.

The flowers are accented by dark purple veins that reach out from the central section of the conical shape of the flowers. Also poking out from the center of the flowers are patches of yellow.

This combination of various blue hues, contrasted against white and yellow make this easily one of the best flowers to behold in person should you spot them in the Bay Area! 

9. Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are amongst some of the most recognizable flowers in the world, but this by no means makes them any less interesting to spot while out and about in the Bay Area!

The curved bell shape of these flowers makes them a total joy to look at, and this is further helped by the fact that they can come in an array of amazing vibrant colors that can help to make them pop.

However, easily the most popular variety of calla lillies is the white variety that shines gloriously in the Summer sunshine.

These flowers might require a little more careful searching to spot while out and about, but once you do see them, you’ll have a tough time pulling your gaze away. They’re easily some of the best flowers you could spot in the sunlight because of the effortless way that they reflect it! 

10. Lupinus Hirsutissimus

These small purple flowers grow with ease on the thick and tall stalks, but make sure that you resist the urge to touch these flowers, especially their stems. The stiff hairs on the stems are designed to deliver a sharp sting to the skin when touched!

The flowers are totally amazing to behold even at a distance, however.

The purple color is accented by lighter and darker patches, Towards the base of some of the flower petals, the purple color gives way to a brighter white, while towards the tips of the petals are much darker purple shades that help to make it amazing even just to look at one petal of the flower.

These flowers actually grow in abundance in slightly drier soil, and they can often be spotted sprouting up in areas of the soil that have recently burned!

To check out these flowers, we strongly recommend paying a visit to the serene environs of Chimney Rock Trail, at Point Reyes. This is a great area to visit, because, as you look out over the expansive waters in all directions, you’ll be able to spot whales and seals dotted about! 

To Wrap Up

There you have it! These are just a few of the most amazing wildflowers that you can easily spot, should you pay a visit to the Bay Area of San Francisco. 

Some of these flowers are a little easier to spot than others, so make sure to keep your eyes carefully peeled to spot some of them!

Diane Peirce

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