9 Absolutely Beautiful Pink Daylilies To Plant In Your Garden

If you want to brighten up your garden with some beautiful pink flowers, then daylilies are an excellent choice.

There are plenty of different shades of pink daylily out there, and lots of beautiful options to grow in your very own garden.

9 Absolutely Beautiful Pink Daylilies To Plant In Your Garden

While you might expect all the different types of pink daylilies to look very similar to one another, this isn’t actually the case.

All of these different varieties are very different from one another which is perfect as it means you can add lots of different types to your garden.

In this guide, we’re focusing on 9 of the most beautiful pink daylilies you should consider adding to your garden.

From the pink debutante daylily to Buffy’s doll daylily, there are lots of different types you should consider planting in your garden.

Read on to find out more.

1. Pink Debutante Daylily

The first pink daylily that we would recommend adding to your garden is the Pink Debutante daylily.

This hybrid daylily was bred for its showy flowers, so it is the perfect flower to add to your garden if you are looking for a showstopper. With wide, ruffly petals, these flowers truly are beautiful.

The pink color of the pink debutante daylily is totally unique.

The pink color gradients throughout the petals with the ends becoming a much lighter shade of pink than the center of the leaves.

We love the pink debutante daylily because it has a long flowering season.

From mid-summer into early fall, you will see these beautiful flowers growing in your garden. That alone should be reason enough for you to plant these flowers.

2. Apple Blossom Daylily

The apple blossom daylily is an interesting type of flower because it comes in a variety of different colors.

You can get white apple blossom daylilies, and you can also get pink varieties too. In our opinion, it is the pink variety of apple blossom daylilies that really are the most beautiful.

At the throat of the apple blossom daylily, you will find a rich green color. Then as the petals expand the green transforms into a beautiful shade of pink.

The baby pink color of the apple blossom daylily is simple and understated, which is why it will be the perfect flower to add to your garden.

Combine the pale pink of the apple blossom daylily with a brighter color daylily for a lovely color combination.

3. Pink Embers Daylily

Alternatively, if you are searching for a stunning salmon-colored daylily, then you really need to look no further than the pink embers daylily.

This flower is a combination of salmon pink and deep orange in a very unique combination of colors.

Once you get past the green stem of the Pink Embers daylily, the flower then transforms into a rich orange color.

Passed the small amount of orange, the petals suddenly transform into a bright and beautiful shade of salmon. But that isn’t the best thing about this flower.

By far, the best thing about the pink embers daylily is how long the flower will bloom.

Continuously throughout the summer, your pink embers daylily will have a bright and beautiful color.

That is why you should consider adding it to your garden!

4. Antique Brooch Daylily

Next up, we have the Antique Brooch daylily. This daylily is a very strong shade of pink that is totally different from the other flowers that we have looked at so far in this guide.

Most types of pink daylilies have a very pale pink shade to their petals, but not the antique brooch daylily. Instead, it is a very dark shade of pink.

The appearance of the antique brooch daylily is very unique. The deep shade of pink is split up by stripes of white, with a pale green center.

With each flower generally being made up of 6 petals, these daylilies have a very classic daylily look. It is just the coloring of this flower that really tells it apart.

5. Fairy Tale Pink Daylily

If you want to make your garden look like something straight out of a fairytale, then we would recommend adding the fairy tale pink daylily to your garden.

This flower truly is a showstopper, with a gorgeous bloom that will add a pop of color to your garden.

These flowers have a very rich green throat, and this beautifully contrasts the rich pink of the petals.

The petals are ruffled around the sides, and this only adds to the beauty of this flower.

We love the fairy tale pink daylily because it is so resilient, it isn’t that difficult to keep alive, and that is a good thing.

This flower is consistent, and you know exactly what you are going to get from a fairy tale pink daylily. That is what makes it so special!

6. Bel Air Dawn Daylily

The next daylily we would recommend adding to your garden is the Bel Air Dawn Daylily.

This flower really is beautiful, but it is a very pale shade of pink. So pale, in fact, that in some shades it actually looks more white than pink.

This is the perfect daylily to add to your garden if you want something that is going to bloom late in the season.

Quite a lot of flowers tend to bloom early in the spring and summer months, but not the Bel Air Dawn daylily.

Instead, this daylily blooms towards the mid to end of the summer months. It will stay in bloom through to fall.

With large petals and lovely pale coloring throughout the petals, this flower will add the perfect finishing touch to your garden.

7. Romantic Rose Daylily

Alternatively, if you want something a little more romantic to add to your garden, why not consider the romantic rose daylily?

As the name of this flower suggests, it is an incredibly romantic-looking flower and one that is perfect for giving to the people that you love.

So where better to plant it than in your garden?

This daylily is a brilliant one to add to your garden because it is so delicate.

The delicate nature of the daylily will perfectly contrast with more intense-looking flowers in your garden.

This flower will really allow you to perfectly balance the different plants in your garden.

With a mixture of different shades of pink all in one flower, you really need to see this flower to understand why you need it in your garden!

8. Betty Claire Daylily

If you are searching for a daylily with a unique name to add to your garden, then the Betty Claire daylily is definitely what you are looking for!

In comparison to some of the other daylilies that we have looked at in this guide, this plant is much smaller.

The petals of the Betty Claire daylily are tiny in comparison to some of the other flowers we have looked at in this guide.

So, if you are thinking of adding one to your garden, you really need to bear this in mind.

In our opinion, it is the small size of the Betty Claire daylily that makes it so special.

The bright color of this flower combined with its size makes it a bright and beautiful flower that is small enough to blend with other plants in your garden.

It is the perfect finishing touch for your flower patch!

9. Buffy’s Doll Daylily

Finally, we couldn’t complete this guide without giving Buffy’s Doll daylily a special mention.

Just like the last daylily we looked at, this one has a very unique name and it really matches its appearance.

Buffy’s doll daylily is a hybrid flower, and you really can tell this immediately when you look at it.

This flower is packed with bright and contrasting colors that make it look somewhat unnatural. But, these colors will add a finishing touch to your garden.

If you love weird and wonderful flowers, then Buffy’s doll daylily is pretty much made for you. This bright and striking flower is absolutely unique and perfect for your garden!


In short, there are lots of absolutely beautiful pink daylilies out there that you should consider planting in your garden.

All of these flowers are totally unique from one another, and they are beautiful for planting in your garden.

No matter what type of daylily you choose, we’re confident that you’ll love these flowers.

Thank you for reading!

Diane Peirce

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