13 Beautiful Types Of Exotic Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Exotic flowers will look beautiful no matter where you put them. In your home, at a wedding, as a bouquet, and more. But there are loads of gorgeous exotic flowers to choose from. Where do you start? Well, that is what we are here to help you with.

25 Beautiful Types Of Exotic Flowers You May Not Have Seen

In this article, we will go over some of the most beautiful types of exotic flowers you have not seen. From orchids to passion flowers, we have listed a range of stunning exotic blooms right here for you to check out.

So, without further ado, let us dive right in and get started!

1. Orchids

Orchids are a common plant that is enjoyed around the globe. It grows natively on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica.

  • Latin Name – Orchidaceae
  • Origin – Orchids are actually native to almost every continent in the world. They are an ancient flower that goes back as far back as 500 BC.
  • Colors – Orchids come in many different colors, including the following: Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, White, Purple, and many more Colors.
  • Meaning – Orchids have many different meanings including thoughtfulness, refinement, fertility, beauty, charm, love, and more. At a funeral, in particular, orchids symbolize the everlasting love for the deceased.

These stunning flowers can be bought as part of an arrangement or as a living plant. They can live in most places indoors.

2. Calla Lilies

If you are looking to enjoy a stunning and unique bloom, you are going to love this exotic bloom.

  • Latin Name – Zantedeschia Aethiopica
  • Origin – This stunning flower is a native plant to South Africa.
  • Colors – Calla lilies come in several colors, including the following: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Rose, Lavender, and Dark Maroon.
  • Meaning – These flowers have a range of meanings, the most prevalent of which are the following: Fertility, Death, and Magnificent Beauty.

It comes in so many different colors, and the unique shape and look of this flower reality is quite spectacular.

3. Bird Of Paradise

If you have never seen these gorgeous flowers, you are missing out. They have a uniquely spectacular look, that you really don’t see anywhere else in the natural world.

  • Latin Name – Strelitzia Juncea
  • Origin – These flowers are common in South Africa, they also originated in this country.
  • Colors – These flowers are a bright orange with blue highlights. They can also come in shades of white.
  • Meaning – These stunning flowers represent joyfulness, paradise, freedom, anticipation, excitement, faithfulness, love, thoughtfulness, and more.

These exotic flowers are often used in arrangements, because of their fantastic and vibrant colors. But they are so much more than that!

4. Celosia

Brightly colored, thick, soft, and waxy, these gorgeous exotic plants really are spectacular to behold.

  • Latin Name – Celosia Aregentea
  • Origin – These plants are thought to have originated in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, Indonesia, and South America.
  • Colors – These spectacular plants can be purple, red, orange, yellow, white, pink, and maroon.
  • Meaning – These plants are thought to symbolize boldness, courage, and more.

These flowers are unique and absolutely stunning, especially out in the wild.

5. Calathea

These plants are more known for their beautiful patterned foliage, but the flowers are quite spectacular as well.

  • Latin Name – Calathea
  • Origin – These plants are thought to have originated in South America.
  • Colors – These flowers can come in orange, purple, and white.
  • Meaning – These flowers symbolize a new beginning, this symbolism comes from the idea of turning over a new leaf.

These stunning flowers have beautiful tiered petals which have an almost waxy look.

6. Stardust Amaryllis

These spectacular plants are really like none you have ever seen. The intricate coloring is unique and absolutely stunning.

  • Latin Name – Amaryllis Hippeastrum
  • Origin – It is widely thought that these flowers originated in Europe, but it is not clear where exactly they came from.
  • Colors – This variety of Amaryllis comes in a crisp white with deep red brush marks and speckles.
  • Meaning – The amaryllis in particular is thought to be symbolic of strength, determination, and luck.

Pretty, colorful, and quite striking.

7. Seaside Mahoe

These stunning golden flowers are absolutely precious. They have a star-like shape and bright golden petals.

  • Latin Name – Thespesia Populnea
  • Origin – This plant grows all over the world, but mostly it can be found in Africa, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and parts of America.
  • Colors – These flowers only come in yellow and red.
  • Meaning – These flowers are thought to ease the grief of a romantic heartbreak. But there is not much other symbolism surrounding this bloom.

These dynamic flowers are not only stunning, but they are also edible and can be eaten cooked or raw.

8. American Lotus

Lotus flowers are absolutely breathtaking. They are aquatic plants that you really can’t beat. The thick and soft petals really give this plant a unique look that you don’t see anywhere else.

  • Latin Name – Nelumbo Lutea
  • Origin – This flower is native to North America.
  • Colors – This flower largely comes in shades of white and yellow.
  • Meaning – This flower symbolizes the following: Enlightenment, Spiritual Purity, Spiritual perfection, Awakening, and the Pacification of One’s Nature.

There are tons of other types of lotus flowers out there. So if you see some that are a different size, shape, or color, make sure to make a note and look up this gorgeous flower.

9. Salvia Splendens

These brightly colored and spectacular flowers are absolutely breathtaking to witness. They come in so many different colors, you would be hard-pressed to find a more stunning exotic flower.

  • Latin Name – Salvia Splendens
  • Origin – These flowers are a native species to Brazil.
  • Colors – These flowers will largely come in the following colors: Purple, Pink, Blue, Lavender, Salmon, White, and Bicolor.
  • Meaning – Salvia flowers are thought to symbolize wisdom, long life, and good health.

Brightly colored, and riddled with positive symbolism.

10. Chinese Hibiscus

Most people will know about these gorgeous exotic flowers, they have a striking appearance and come in several vibrant colors.

  • Latin Name – Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis
  • Origin – The exact country of origin is not clear, but it is thought that these flowers originated in Japan, China, or the Pacific Islands.
  • Colors – These flowers mostly come in red, but there are some varieties that will have pink, orange, yellow, or white blooms.
  • Meaning – These flowers have many positive meanings attributed to them. Some of the most common ones are as follows: Personal Power, Fame, Glory, Success, and More.

You really can’t get a much more beautiful exotic flower than this.

11. Passion Flower

You will never see a more unique and brilliant flower than the passion flower. It is unique, colorful, and absolutely stunning.

  • Latin Name – Passiflora
  • Origin – This flower is prolific in Mexico and Central South America. But some varieties are prolific in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.
  • Colors – This flower can come in several bright colors including the following: Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, White, and Yellow.
  • Meaning – This flower is thought to symbolize the last days of Jesus when he was being crucified. It is a flower that embodies passion, and it also has connections to Easter.

These stunning flowers are really quite phenomenal. You will not see anything more exotic and gorgeous than this stunning and unique bloom.

12. Protea

These spectacular flowers can come in several different shapes and sizes, despite all of them being part of the same family.

  • Latin Name – Protea Neriifolia
  • Origin – This flower is endemic to South Africa.
  • Colors – These breathtaking flowers can come in the following colors: Pink, Red, White, Cream, and Yellow.
  • Meaning – These flowers symbolize diversity and courage.

This flower is one that always deserves to be the center of attention. It is spectacular, colorful, and it looks unique in comparison to your run-of-the-mill blooms.

13. Brazilian Jasmine

Jasmine flowers are known for their gorgeous scent, which graces many perfumes and scented goods around the world. But the flower itself is absolutely stunning.

  • Latin Name – Mandevilla Sanderi
  • Origin – This flower originated in the State of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
  • Colors – These stunning blooms can come in white, scarlet, and pink.
  • Meaning – These flowers are thought to symbolize good luck and love.

This awe-inspiring bloom is one that you absolutely have to see in person. It is colorful and easy to grow in your back garden…as long as you have the right conditions.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning about these beautiful exotic flowers. There are far more fantastic and astounding exotic flowers out there, we have named just a few here.

So, if you want to learn more about different types of stunning exotic flowers, make sure to do a little extra research. You are sure to find some different but no less stunning exotic flowers to check out.

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Thanks for reading!

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