7 Beautiful Types Of Ginger Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Do you want to see some beautiful ginger flowers you may not have seen before? Perhaps you are looking for ginger flowers to plant in your garden? Or are you curious and want to know more?

No matter the reason that brought you here today, we have the answer for you!

7 Beautiful Types Of Ginger Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Finding ginger flowers to plant in your garden can be tricky, especially if you have never planted them before.

You head online for some advice but are met with pages and pages of conflicting and contradicting information and advice, leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed. How do you know who to trust or where to turn?

Well, you can turn to us! Today, we are here with all the information you need! Keep reading to find 7 beautiful types of ginger flowers you may not have seen before!

We have stunning images of each flower and plenty of information about them too, so get ready to become a ginger flower expert today!

Let’s dive straight into our list now.

1. Red Ginger (Alpinia Purpurata)

First up, we have the stunning red ginger plant, also known as the ostrich plume and pink cone ginger. This plant is native to Malaysia and produces stunning red flowers in between dark green foliage.

The plant is a tall one, with a spiky red flower shooting out above the leaves! You can also see a small white flower in the center of these leaves, adding a unique touch to the plant!

It can be grown across the US in hotter climates, providing it is cared for correctly. It needs to be well watered and cannot dry out.

You will also need it to be planted in partial shade with some moisture, although it can tolerate full sun sometimes.

2. Oxblood Ginger (Costus Erythrophyllus Rubra)

Next, we have Oxblood Ginger! This tropical perennial features fleshy leaves that spiral up the stem. The leaves have a deep purplish-red underside that adds a unique color to your garden or home!

During the summer, this beautiful plant blooms small flowers in a cone shape. When planted and cared for correctly, Oxblood Ginger can grow quite tall!

If you are not growing the plant in a tropical climate, it is best to be grown indoors where you can better regulate the temperature.

For success, it needs fertile and free-draining soil and to be kept in partial shade or full sun. Oxblood Ginger likes to be watered regularly and can bloom from June to August!

3. Shell Ginger (Variegated Shell Ginger)

If you want unique ginger flowers, you need to plant Shell Ginger! When the flowers bloom, they cluster in a drooping shape, adding a different shape that will complement your garden well. They almost look like a string of pearls, who doesn’t want that in their garden?

The flowers are usually white with pink tips, surrounded by large green foliage. As the flowers bloom, they reveal striking yellow petals with orange and red lines covering them. They truly are a beautiful sight to see!

The flowers bloom in spring and thrive in partial or full sun. They can also be grown indoors and require moist soil that is not overwatered. Providing they are cared for correctly, Shell Ginger can grow up to seven feet tall!

4. Torch Ginger (Etlingera Elatior)

Torch Ginger is a stunning tropical perennial that blooms bright and beautiful flowers! The shape of the flower and bloom stalk is similar to a torch, giving the flower its name.

The bare stalk features a cone-shaped flower head that is surrounded by petal-like leaves. The plant’s upright stem will grow leaves that can reach 3 feet in length!

Not only are the flowers beautiful and sure to brighten up your garden but they can be used for cooking! They add a sour-sweet flavor that works well in many dishes.

They are also used for floral arrangements, adding a splash of color and unique texture!

They grow well in the full or partial sun when planted in loamy and moist soil that is well-drained. The flowers will bloom in either white, pink, or red and are a wonderful addition to a warm climate garden or they can be grown indoors.

5. Butterfly Ginger (Hedychium Coronarium)

Butterfly Ginger or Garland Lily is another wonderful ginger plant that flowers. Typically, the plant grows in areas of monsoons as it loves heavy, moist, tropical air, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow it in your garden, you just need to mimic these conditions.

They can be grown in containers, but be sure to bring your Butterfly Ginger indoors during colder climates.

The blooms on this plant will have a strong smell and can be intoxicating! They can flower in a variety of colors too, from white to red and pink!

They should be planted in moist soil with excellent drainage in full or partial sun. The plant is considered invasive in some areas and is not allowed to be grown in Hawaii, New Zealand, or Brazil!

6. Pineapple Ginger (Tapeinochilos Ananassae)

Also known as Indonesian wax ginger, Giant Spiral ginger, or Red wax ginger, Pineapple Ginger is a beautiful flowering ginger that you may not have seen! Its shape is similar to pineapple, giving it its name.

The plant features bright red waxy bracts and can grow up to 8 feet tall!

The perennial features evergreen leaves and yellow flowers that bloom in between the red bracts. The flowers blooming in the bracts gives Pineapple Ginger its unique appearance, making it a wonderful show-stopping flower in your garden!

Given its love of a hot climate, you might need to plant this in a greenhouse or indoors. It needs to be planted in fast-draining potting soil and watered regularly.

Pineapple Ginger does not like drying out, so be sure you water it regularly to give it steady moisture.

You will want to plant them in partial sunlight, as they thrive best in filtered light. If you are growing your Pineapple Ginger indoors, it might need a little more light but never subject it to full sunlight.

7. Malay Ginger (Costus Speciosus Crepe Ginger)

If you love white flowers, you will love Malay Ginger! This ginger plant blooms with beautiful white flowers with a gorgeous yellow center!

The flowers can also bloom in pink with a yellow center. The petals of the flowers are ruffled too, making them easy to identify!

The flowers aren’t very big, with an average diameter of 2 inches, but they add a different texture and pop of color to the leaves!

The leaves surrounding the flowers are long and green, tapering into a point. Naturally, the plant grows in low-lying areas of tropical forests or roadside ditches.

To maintain its natural climate, Malay Ginger is often grown indoors or in a greenhouse.

Although the flowers are beautiful, the plant isn’t just grown for its beauty! It also has many medical benefits. The plant is used in traditional medicine to treat kidney and urinary issues.

It has also been used to improve the appearance of eyelashes and even when evil spirits were believed to possess a body.

While there is little scientific evidence to back up these uses, it has been used in Malaysia for these issues for years.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, 7 beautiful types of ginger flowers you may not have seen! While these plants are not native to the US, there are many ways that you can replicate their conditions and have success growing them!

Be sure to follow the tips we outlined earlier to successfully add a flowering ginger plant to your garden!

Ginger flowers come in a variety of colors, textures, and shape, making them a wonderful addition to your garden!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you leave us today, be sure to check out our FAQ secretion to answer any last-minute queries you have!

Are Ginger Plants Native To The US?

There are some ginger plants native to the US, growing in North America from North Carolina to Manitoba.

This variety of ginger grows low and spreads as ground cover with rough leaves that are six inches wide in the shape of hearts.

Other ginger plants are native to Asia, particularly China and Malaysia. While they might be native to this part of the world, they can be successfully grown in the US.

You just need to mimic their conditions to improve their chances of growing!

Do All Ginger Plants Flower?

No, not all ginger plants flower! Many varieties of ginger are sterile and will not flower.

But these ginger varieties aren’t without interest, they usually have stunning foliage that will still add a pop of color and different textures to your garden!

You can check out our list above for beautiful ginger plants that produce flowers, along with stunning foliage too!

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