9 Beautiful Types Of Tall Flowers You May Not Have Seen

There are few things quite as pleasurable and delightful as heading out and exploring some of the beautiful and unique flowers of nature.

9 Beautiful Types Of Tall Flowers You May Not Have Seen

Flowers can come in a great array of shapes and sizes, let alone colors, which makes it incredibly exciting to head out to see what you can find growing, or even grab some to grow in your backyard! 

If the overall look of flowers is important to you, then you will likely be looking for tall flowers that stand out above the competition and look amazing waving in the wind. 

But what are some of the very best tall flowers that you can find in the natural world? Luckily, there are a massive array of flowers that fit the bill, and today we are going to dedicate ourselves to exploring them! 

Dive in down below, and prepare to have your visual senses tantalized! 

1. Common Rose Mallow

If you’ve never seen the common rose mallow yourself before, then you totally owe it to yourself to head out and experience the splendor of this flower for yourself. 

These flowers are recognizable thanks to their incredibly large rounded petals that spread out from a central stamen, which helps to create an eye-catching look that easily draws your eyes to the center. 

The tall heights of the stalks on the common rose mallow help to make the large central patterns even more noticeable, which has easily helped to make these some of our favorite flowers ever. 

2. Hollyhock

If you’re looking for flowers that boast amazing color combinations, then you really can do no better than the amazing Hollyhock flower. 

The petals of these flowers can take on some vibrant and rich colors that then slowly blend towards a more subtle yellow or white color towards the center, which makes them immensely pleasurable to look at.

As your eyes get slowly drawn to the center of the flowers, it helps to fill your mind with a wonderful sense of serenity, which makes these great flowers to grow in abundance in your garden.

These flowers grow up to 8 feet in height, need very little water, and they are able to grow in pretty much any soils you can use, which makes them great for those that may be slightly newer to growing flower beds.

3. Goatsbeard

These perennial flowers look absolutely stunning in the summer, as, thanks to their great height, they can tower just above your lawn, and as the sunlight cuts through them, it makes the flowers seem as though they are shining from the pure energy of the sun! 

These flowers are also great for adding a little bit of shade to a flower bed, thanks to the fact that they grow in great abundance, which allows them to provide adequate coverage to keep more sensitive flowers safe from harsh sunlight during the summer months.

If you are planning to grow these abundant flowers, you can benefit from the fact that they are highly adaptable and able to grow easily in all kinds of different soils.

As well as this, they also don’t need much maintenance, and you won’t have to spend forever watering these flowers! 

Just make sure to remember that Goatsbeard tends to only grow in variations of white or cream color, so you will want to make sure that it looks just right with your existing flowers! 

4. Canna Lily

Growing atop tall stems that poke out from amongst even the tallest accompanying plants, canna lilies are easily some of the best tall flowers around, and one of our absolute favorites.

The flowers that grow on these stems are often of red or orange hues, which can help to create a great summery look when they are added to any space, especially when kept in a vase. 

Be sure to also keep your eyes peeled for white variations of this flower that have a great elegant look that is also perfect for decorating a wedding! 

If you are growing your own canna lilies, then you will want to make sure that you carefully consider the correct soil for the flowers.

They need rich, moist soil, but soil that is also drained adequately. As such, they have a moderate need for watering, so you may need to water them a little more often than some of your other flowers. 

The stems of these flowers are incredibly hardy, which does help to lower the amount of maintenance needed.

5. Desert Candles

Not only do these flowers grow atop tall stalks, but the flowers themselves are also incredibly tall. True to their name, these flowers are perfect if you are planning to add a little bit of light to your backyard. 

These flowers look like tall candles, and when the sunlight shines through them, they almost look as though they are glowing, emitting a vibrant and sharp yellow light that is incredibly pleasant. 

These flowers are great for growing in sunnier areas where the weather is often placid. Desert candles are very hardy plants that can survive in very hot conditions, but they don’t take too well to strong winds.

If you do live somewhere with strong winds, it is best to plant desert candles strategically so that they are protected from winds. 

Make sure to also plant them where there is plenty of rich and drained soil, and be sure to provide them with plenty of water throughout the day.

The height of these flowers helps them to protect flowers that may be more sensitive to sunlight, so they can be a strategic flower to grow.

6. Beehive Ginger

These flowers are incredibly exotic, so much so that they almost look like they’ve arrived from another planet! As s

uch, they need highly specific conditions to grow, but if you can meet them yourself, you can easily grow these flowers yourself.

Even if you simply see this flower while out and about, it can be a total delight to behold. The hardy and waxy petals of this plant grow in an interesting formation that builds up carefully toward the top.

The flower itself can grow to incredible heights, and that is on top of the immense height that its stalk can reach, often stretching well over eight feet! 

These flowers grow in warm and moist environments, so you may have some trouble growing them, but provided the temperature conditions are just right, and you have rich soil, they can be grown at home! 

7. Swamp Sunflowers

If you want to incorporate the beauty of sunflowers into your backyard, but you’ve already made use of most of the real estate of your flowerbeds, then you can easily make use of vertical space with these amazingly tall sunflowers that rest atop long and extremely slender stems. 

Of all of the flowers on this list, these are some of the very tallest, and they can easily grow up to 10 feet in some cases. 

If you are planning to grow these flowers, just make sure to be aware of their higher need for water.

These flowers need significantly more water than many others, so it is best that you pair them with other flowers that require moist soil that is adequately drained. 

8. Common Foxglove

Similar to the beehive ginger, the common foxglove is one of the most unique-looking tall flowers around. These flowers grow out from tall stalks in a downward direction.

They bloom out from smaller horizontal stems and then hang from that position due to their weight. 

The blossoms themselves are bell-shaped, which helps to make them totally irresistible to hummingbirds that can easily dip their long beaks into the flowers to extract pollen. 

Be sure to give these flowers some rich and moist soil with plenty of drainage, and also to provide them with plenty of water. They are used to growing in areas with plenty of sunlight. 

9. Queen Of The Prairie

The flowers that blossom out on the Queen of the Prairie are so incredibly small, but they grow in such dense clusters that, from afar, the flower as a whole almost looks fluffy!

Many people often compare the look of these flowers to that of cotton candy, and we really could not think of a more apt comparison.

These flowers look incredibly airy and light, and this can help to make them a wonderful flower to include in a wider arrangement, to create a great summer-inspired look. 

Another thing that makes adding these flowers to the list is that they emit an incredibly pleasant and very soft fragrance! All you need to do is keep them watered as often as possible.

They’ll take well to just about any soil! 

To Wrap Up

These are just a few of our very favorite tall flowers that you may not have ever seen before.

Most of these flowers are very easy to grow, so you can add them to an existing flower arrangement in your backyard! Just make sure to consider the kind of soil and amount of water they require.

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